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"Hahaha I make a huge mess when sifting, my problem is I get impatient & just want to get it over that I rush & make it worse for me 'cause now I gotta clean up!!..."
" Hi CakeCentral gorgeous people. Well this little note is to say Wow at those awesome cakes that are entered into the contest here at CakeCentral. They are just freaking amazing, now I'm a newbie cake decorator who would love to enter contest here at CC. Looking at all the detailed and difficult scales of the cakes that these cake decorators have put so many hours, days and weeks into creating this masterpieces...makes me think!! There is no chance in you know what...
"When it comes to deciding which buttercream to use on my cakes its always a battle. I'm still searching for a nice not too sweet buttercream and haven't had the luck on zero in on one that I would love to use. Right now I'm using the IMBC but I don't don't think its that good for kids cake..Mmmmm just don't know".
" Wow, so much tragedy going on I didn't expect to read anything about people's business going up in smoke, being destroyed by natural elements and so on. Its very depressing. Reading your comments & your post 'bout what's going on after loosing your cake shop and how you're opening a new one brings it all to another level of hope for the future, fighting for what was taken away from you. You are an inspiration. Wishing you all the best for the now, near & long future....
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