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(I should mention that I use commercial refrigerators, and that all refrigerators are not created equal when it comes to humidity. Yet another reason to run a test in your own conditions.)
Wow. That sounds good, kellieschwabl...It sounds a little different, but I pair vanilla cake with a mandarin orange cream filling, and it's been really successful. I just take bavarian cream filling, stir in a can of (drained and patted dry) mandarin orange segments and add orange extract to taste. It's a nice light flavor combo.
If you have a moist cake recipe or are baking from a mix, and you've got any coat of icing on it at all, protecting it from air exposure it'll be fine. I do it every week, and our cakes stay moist and delicious. Icing is like saran wrap. Also, I personally love cold cake, unless (as previously mentioned) it's got butter in it... in which case, just warm it to room temperature before serving. But definitely run a test with your own recipe to see if it keeps.
I flavor my white cake with an almond emulsion and call the flavor Amaretto, since Amaretto's just an almond-flavored liquor. Brides looooove it. We pair it with raspberry, but it goes really well with a chocolate filling, or even chocolate icing... yum!
We quote "single" layer tiers as serving half as many people as the same size double layer. For example, an 8" round made from two layers serves up to 20, so an 8" round single layer serves up to 10. However, I torte both layers of a double layer tier (creating a 4 layer cake with three layers of filling) but I don't think the layers of filling would affect the serving number... When it comes down to it, we assume the caterer will be smart enough to cut larger pieces...
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