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Oops, that would have been helpful to include the date.....It's Feb. 15-19 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m (every night). You have to have all the equipment and they require some additional supplies, but they only offer it twice a year, so if we miss it this time we will have to wait till the fall.....unless we take one from Sweetcakes!
Hey there ya'all! I am looking for anyone interested in joining me in an airbrush class in Richardson Texas at Cake Carousel. They are needing a few more people to "make" the class and I thought I would spread the word. I missed last class because I didn't know about it, so hopefully this helps out someone that was looking for this type of class. Hope it was okay to post this info. here! Thanks.
Thinking of covering a tiered cake in modeling chocolate instead of fondant. Has anyone ever done this and can you offer any advice? It is for a dear friend's 40 birthday, so I want it to be special...but don't want it to be a disaster!!!! Thanks ahead of time! In His Grip, audreymc
I agree with the other prep as much as possible...even color your fondant and have it ready to roll out. I know a lot of folks don't like to freeze their cakes and even a lot of bakeries advertise that they don't freeze cakes, but I freeze 90% of my cakes. I typically make them a few days ahead...double or triple wrap them in clear wrap and then wrap in foil. I also don't wait for them to thaw before frosting and covering in fondant. I have not had any sweat on...
Kelly, thanks for spearheading this....count me in for the trip to Austin!!! Maybe if we arrive with some "home made" goodies for the committee members to enjoy, they will see what a good thing it would be....HEY, if the corporate lobbyist can do, why can't some home bakers!!!!!!!! Anyone else from the Frisco area? We could carrivan!!!!!!!
I don't know how you quote your cakes, but I charge for ingrediants and then add an hourly rate ( $13 per hour). I think I would have charged her $46. What did you quote her???? Just curious.
I knew I could count on fellow cake lovers to come through. It is still green as of this morning, so do you think I could add brown to it now???? I will try the couple of things mentioned here before I go buy some more....I am getting worried that my bow will not be dry by Saturday when the cake is due...any ideas on how to get it to dry faster???? Ever put it in from of a fan? I have never had problems with the Wilton premade turning the color I wanted, but it just...
HI, I am new to this site, but already love it. There are so many talented people here, so I am hoping for some help. I purchased some fondant from a commercial bakery today, usually use Wilton, and tried to color it black. It turned dark green and I ended using almost a whole bottle of Wilton black coloring...any ideas? Thanks!
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