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I looked at all of them.   The baby shower cake is good...but the rest are not as good.   The round one with Trinity's name on it is not very bumpy.   The icing on the panda looks like it's melting or something...or maybe looks like the canned icing?    I would keep practicing with your family and friends and check back with us.     I'm not going to get into the legal part about selling cakes in Virginia because I know someone else will.   Good luck and keep on caking!
I made a boy castle and used pringle cans for the turrets and just painted them with piping gel, then rolled them in fondant.
I don't use that recipe...but if you had success in the past..have you looked at everything single step to see if anything has changed...even pan prep?   If you had success in the beginning but not now..I think you really need to dissect your steps to find what is different?  Sorry I'm not more helpful.
Noooooooooooooooo......I need my fatty shortening!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I used Crisco...and used IndyDebi's recipe, I used 1 1/3 cup of Crisco.   When I switched to High Ratio..I only use 1 cup now because of the ease of weighing out the shortening.  I could never, ever, ever go back to Crisco....High Ratio is the Cadillac of shortening.  A HUGE difference.
Shortening WITH trans fat makes the best butter cream.   It was when Crisco took it out that all hell broke lose with crappy butter cream.    There's a lot more bad stuff in my cakes than the trans fat in the shortening! LOL
...or an Italian Cream filling (cream cheese with chopped pecans) ...or a Praline filling (caramel & chopped pecans)....please make your own caramel though
I would use my giant cupcake pan.  Do you have one of those?
The only chocolate I have luck with dipping cake balls is Almond Bark.   Everything else is too think and I just hate to add shortening/oil. 
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