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MB...It was more dense than fluffy.   Maybe that extra egg did it...I dunno.   The basic easy recipe on the Kraft website called the  "Philadelphia Classic Cheesecake" was more dense...but too short for me.   I really liked that cheesecake....just not tall enough.   Talk about easy peasy!   4pkg.  (8 oz. each) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened 1cup  sugar 1tsp.  vanilla 4 eggs
I think it tastes like the Reese cup.   In the recipe section is a recipe I used called "Peanutbuter Dream"   I use that for the outside icing.   If I am using it as a filling also, I add some ground up graham cracker and it adds that grit that really tastes like a reese cup.
Uggg...I'd rather stick a dowel rod in my eye than roll out fondant.  I bought one of those million dollar rolling pins that could kill helped but I said hell with it and I bought a sheeter!
This is by far the best set of combat boots that exist on the internet!   "Curiaussiety" did an AMAZING job and has instructions.   Don't know why they couldn't work for any type of boot.
All of the many different recipes are so amazing to me.  I wish I had time to try them all...and knew what makes them different.   My recipe is a little different MB...i have 4 blocks of cream cheese, 5 eggs and a cup of sour cream (plus all the other usual stuff).   I wasnt' sure to go with the recipe using the heavy whipping cream....or sour cream, but I went with the one using sour cream.  I think the extra block of cream cheese and cup of sour cream gave me the...
Holy Moly...that's a lot of eggs.   What is the texture of the baked cookie Rexy?
Springform...9" water bath.   I just made 6 cheesecakes a couple weeks ago.  I used to be super skeerd of them...but I have been baptiized now and ok with them.     When I was reading/reasearching the endless info (which I found very interesting)...I read that if your recipe contains flour you do not need to use a water bath.  I forget all the scientific food mumbo jumbo as to why...I cook at 325 for 45 minutes (commercial oven), no water bath , then let sent in...
To clarify....I goofed earlier in this post & left out the eggs...pleas re-read....there should be 2 eggs
I have seen recipes for chocolate sugar cookies though I have never made them so I don't know how much cocoa powder you would need to use. Maybe someone else can answer that or you could google chocolate sugar cookies and see what they use for their ratios Let me know if you make them and how they tasted. MB... You're a hoot!
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