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Depending on servings needed....just use a quarter sheet or half sheet.   Quarter sheet would look better.    Google a bottle and make a template...or just free carve it.   It's not that bad of a bottle to free hand.   Take what you carve off and put on top so it's not a flat bottle.  Have fun!
 You Hoo??? Anyone?
The worst part of that whole cake is making a little dots for the Legos
Y'all are making this much harder than it is... I would definitely not put two layers of fondant on this cake.
I did this in a round version.   After complety icing my cake and chilling (overnight)...I covered took out of the frig and immediately covered in fondant then took an exacto knife and cut out my triange (what my design had).    Then starting at the top of the exposed area...cut out the lego rectangles.   Finished off with the exposed top.   Filling in a triange was a huge PITA....this design should be much easier being a square area.   HTH
 This! I am super hard.  I expect 150% perfection.   Guess it's that Army thing.    I have hated so many of my cakes in the process...but I always somehow pull it off.   Now...I have many, many times as The Cake Shoppe said...covered my mistakes.    If my ribbon wrap is not lined up perfect...then a beaded border hides it.  Sometimes you can't "add" something...but figuring out how to fix is key.
If adding a small can of crushed pineapple to this recipe...are there any other adjustments needed? 
My starting price only includes borders and maybe some very, very simple scroll work.     I have a chart for everything else, by cake size.   Everything from fondant dots, to zebra stripes, etc. costs extra and is determined by size of cake.   The bigger the size...the more it costs for fondant dots.  This list I have keeps me consistant on pricing so I don't have to memorizie every single additional deco item.   Hardly any of my cakes are sold at the starting price.  ...
Thanks Kiki....but just to clarify...the $25-$35 butter cream 8" cakes have no deco....just borders.  I charge accordingly (for my expenses & market) for the custom stuff.  It's the industry standard here.   I could sell an 8" butter cream cake for $95....but odds are I might have 1 cake a week from some crazy rich person.   But frankly, that price would not even be considered "here". 
That sounds like the Lofthouse sugar cookies that walmart sells...that everyone I know loves.  
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