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I have 4 sizes for cookies...S-M-L-XL.    99% of my cookies fall within one of those size groups.   If someone wants a special highly decorated custom cookie...then that gets a price according to what I think.    Some people charge a $1 an inch.   That pricing here in Baton Rouge would never work.    So, I realize I haven't answered your question, because I think what I charge may not be what you should.  What is your market area charging?  I would use that as a "guide". 
Before fondanting cakes, I completely ice my cakes and refrigerate to get allow butter cream to dry.    2 reasons...(1) 99% of people here hate fonant cakes & if the design dictates fondant, they can peel it off & still have a butter cream cake plus it provides a smooth base..and (2) I just like covering a cake where the butter cream is dry.
Our roads are so time when I delivered a wedding of the beads on the beaded border actually vibrated out of the border and was about an inch from the edge!   I know the cold beads made it easier for it to bounce out of the line.   I just thought that was so funny.
Sounds like a better recipe with the ganache anyway MB!       I haven't had a crack since I changed recipes...but if I do, you can bet there will be some sort of topping...even if its graham cracker crumbs sprinkled on top!
I always refrigerate after decorating...fondant cakes also.  I do this mainly because for travel purposes.,,or maybe a perishable filling, but mainly the travel thing.  A room temperature cake is a dangerous cake to trannsport.    After delivery and a couple hours at room temp...the cake is moist.   I have to box my cakes that go in the commercial refrigerator as they do not have the humidity control that our household refirigerators do.    If I am using a standard...
Turtle topping or Praline!   Woop Woop!
Either what Bakers Crush said...I would much rather do a fondant wrap than ribbon..but if you must do ribbon do a double ribbon wrap.    I have a large spool of ivory that I use specificially for under all my ribbons. 
I store all of my cakes in the frig.   Whether crumbcoated, iced or fondanted.     I find our normal household refrigerators have a great humidity control that I never have condensation.   They are always dry as a bone.    Southeast Louisiana here.
All you need is a LITTLE water. If it is sliding...then you are using too much water.
Thanks Mimi!
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