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hahahah...only the old farts will appreciate y'alls humor....made me laugh out loud.
Oh....I just remembered what it's called....PITA!  LOL.....just kidding....couldn't resist.  I would need lotsa lotsa money to do that cake.
Don't know what it's called..I've never seen that before, but it looks like fondant to me
For my Reese cup filling I use the Peanut Butter Dream recipe here on cake it I add ground graham cracker crumbs to it.    It gives it that grity...firm, reese cup texture.
MB....I think the roll outs tend to have more flour..???   There are probably tons of different recipes.    I like my soft.  Some sugar cookies are hard.   Just like gingerbread cookies...I like mine soft but my husband likes more of the ginger "snap" texture.
Jae....I use AP flour.   Mine sit out for at least 2 days because I decorate and the icing needs to dry.    After that I store in ziplocks or air tight container. 
Agree with others....It doesn't look completely part also looks like it's leaning to the left?  Straighten that out also.  Just jazz it will be fine.
I worked at a "production" bakery...and they knew a lot about other bakeries.   "Most" production bakeries do not bake from scratch.   They are about volume and "production".   You would be surprised who uses the bulk mix.  No biggie to me.
. I keep forgetting there are other cookies besides cut out because that is all I do So my answer was based on cut out cookies
No, no, no on the icing with mousse.   You will have a 4th disaster.   To fill make a butter cream damn first...THEN fill with mousse.   Make sure your filling isn't higher than your damn.   Ice with either ganache or butter cream. 
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