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Yes...but I think whatever you needs to not clash with the colored layers of the cake. 
Sorry precious...nothing towards you....Jason normally is involved in these types of discussions.   I was being snarky!   I love that word!  Been looking for a chance to use it all day!  
Jason must be on vacation! LOL
I do wish those green ones from Etsy had a sharper cut for sure.   I really press down and do a little jiggle with the cutter to "hope" that it is cutting.    Then I pick up the cutter...hopefully with the fondant still intact...look at the back side and wipe all around the edges....that is where there are always little frayed pieces of fondant due to the non sharpness of the cutter.   That a metal form would be sooooo much better.   But with my challenging...
But I do like the idea of an open end...
There's a special technique you have to do for a successful cut.....of course that's not included with cutters...a friend told me what she does. ....mine turn out perfect.
K8....I love italian cream...or as you said..anything with "depth".   That red devil's food sounds interesting.
I made caveman's one me it reminded me of oily cornbread.   But I am not a RV fan anyway.   I always said if you put a piece of RV cake on a plate with NO cream cheese icing..blind folded taste testers....they would not be able to  identify the cake flavor.  The cream cheese icing MAKES a red velvet cake.....My southern opinion.
Welcome to CC!!!   If you type "Red Velvet WASC" in the search will see many threads on different recipes using box to make a RV.   Not sure if anyone uses French Vanilla though.   Seems like most use white or the box RV.   Good luck.
I use 3 = 10" and 1 - 6"
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