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Godot...But-R-Cream is sold at Sam's...for your label viewing.........or not!
I also hope you are charging a fortune for this.
I would never have 10" as my top is just too big.   Is your tea pot going to be cake?    I would do a 6/9/12/16.   That's 200 servings.  You are going to lose some servings in the carving of the tea pot so you will need some supplemental cake somehow...maybe a double quarter sheet kitchen cake...?
I agree Leah...Maybe different types of icing gives different results.   At the bakery we used the high ratio-all shortening butter of the few things they actually made.   After changing many different times, I also now use the high ratio-all shortening butter cream.   Very stable.  I likey.
Well...I think there is more than one way to skin a cat.  When  I worked at a production bakery and would walk in on Saturday with 22 orders on my clip board...all due by closing..that is how we did it to survive the cake orders and safely get them out the door.   I never damn a buttercream filled cake either...only dam if I have a gooey filling.  I have never had a bulge. I think it is good for all of us to give all of our vast amount of ways to do things and let the OP...
Yep...what Mimi said...and if you don't do this cake too often...or drink that will be expensive on your part to buy all 3 of those bottles of booze...for one cake.   I try to stay clear of alcohol cakes unless it is something popular that I make a a Kahlua cake.  I make them all the time so I always have Kahlua in the I like to take a nip occasionally! need to advise them what will.....or will not work with that cake.   For example, with all those colors, I would not recommend a raspberry filling...or turtle.     You need to have a strong opinion with them if they pick something whacky. overnight in the frig is all you need...the tile thing cracks me up...I would never put tiles on my cakes...but whatever works....It's good to see all the different answers/solutions.
I use Marscapone cheese all the time.....I love it..can eat it with a spoon...but it is still just Cream Cheese...just "Italian" cream cheese.   I, personally, would never use any type of cream cheese icing under fondant.    Especially the recipe you have posted.  It is going to be super soft...super yummy...but super soft.  You can use it as the filling, but I would not use it as an icing.   I am also not familiar with the Harvey Wallbanger cake...I only use butter cream...
I used cotton candy for my steam on my train cake.   Would that be a possibility?
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