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It's all about your set up construction for that design.   I have never used any type of PVC construction, but I have seen it done online.   Bronwen Weber does a lot of it.  If you have your construction sound...I think it will be fine.  I just can't tell how to make that happen.   Do a lot of research. 
If the board is not thick enough...all the hot water and corn syrup wont help.   It will just crack when it is moved again.     Use a thicker board..........bam........problem solved.   Many people put tierd cakes on the thin white cake boards.   Big cakes or cakes with heavy filings or tiered cakes need to at a minimum be on an 1/2" drum. 
I smash mine....actually roll them with a rolling pin in a zip lock before I add the marshmallow.   My RKT designs are usually for a topper or something I don't want to make out of fondant.    If they want to eat it...they have to eat it mushed and covered in white chocolate.   It never intended to make sure they can eat it...I do not want the cellulite look so I smash mine.  It still tastes good smashed. 
Yep....too flexible of a board...or too much PS in your recipe are usually the 2 culprits for cracking BC....the board is usually the #1 enemy. 
I will answer a couple of your questions.    My immediate family get 40% discount when they order cakes for an event.   If my immediate want a cake for "their" birthday..then I do it for free.   My family does not take advantage of me and order 3D cakes that would cost hundreds of dollars.   They are very humble and appreciate my generosity and only ask for 8" cakes.   If I had a selfish bunch...I may rethink my discount/freebie policy.   As a retired vet....I would...
Where the hell is the OP??? LOL
This is my fav website for figuring out different sizes.
Thanks K8!
Awesome!  That mum tip always kicks my a$$.  Great job!
If you think you will do more damage...then I'd leave it alone.    Did you cut "ONE" dowel then cut the others to match IT?   You either have uneven dowels...or the top of your cake(s) are level...or could be a combination of both.   If you aren't experienced at quickly fixing this..I'd leave it.   It will just add more stress if something else happens in the process.
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