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sorry the attachment did not work this is the cake pan I bought
I need to make a foot ball cake and I bought this one from wiltonBut I want to make a 3d football cake but I don't think this one would work because it is really big. Does anyone know exactly how to do this this is what I really want to make for any help
I meant replies...sorry
thanks everyone for your relies!!!
The Drawing for either a cake or small discount is a great idea!!! I would never have thought of that, and thank you for you other advice. I really appreciate it
I was asked to sell cupcakes at a local business that is having a fundraiser, I am a home based business and want to present a very professional looking booth I already ordered post card and a banner form vistaprint (I got them and business card for free just paid shipping!) Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you for taking the time to reply
Thank you everyone
Can I wrap them?
Can I put real lilies on a cake? Would it be safe if I Wrapped them them put the in a cake flower holder?
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