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The Quran is a manual for living a fulfilling life in peace and harmony. Some people take it too literally without understanding the wisdom behind the words. Alcohol is prohibited because, when consumed in high doses it alters rational thinking. If it's taken literally, only alcohol needs to be avoided- is it then ok to have your cakes flavored with maybe cocaine or marijuana? God has also given us the ability to think......I don't condone people who drink(those who are...
Yes you can. Just make sure the cake you are applying the collar to is well chilled before and freeze it after - like texas sugar said. I used parchment paper and freezing the cake made for a cleaner removal of the parchment paper.
Interesting - this would be my first topsy turvy and I hadn't even thought of how to price it. Thanks Leily!
I was just about to start a new topic on this - hope someone replies to this.
I feel for you I too am invited to participate in the same competition this year - don't wanna.
Thank you for making me feel better - love you guys for it. I guess I just have to forget it and move on.
The rules were very specific - if you sell or have sold cakes in the past, you have to enter in the professional category.As for the voting - each cake had a little container in front of it with the name of the entrant and each person at the show was given a ticket that they drop into the container. If you hang around the cake, you can actually count the number of votes! And to be totally honest, not trying to sound mean here, the peoples choice was a sad looking cake....
I entered a competition earlier in the year as an amateur. I don't intend to brag but there were 3 cakes that stood out above the rest in that category, with mine being one of them. Recently I found out that the winner in the amateur category was actually a professional decorator - her website says that they have been open for business since last year.The other problem was the peoples choice award. Remember I said there were 3 cakes that were good. My friends had kept a...
Blakescakes - thanks for the advice.That's what I thought too! They charge that much for 15 minutes of their time, if not more. There are about 30 lawyers there and all they can afford for this 70 yr old guest of honor is $10.00 each??
Kitagrl, How do you secure a deposit without knowing what the design is or how much its going to cost? Most trust my designs and dont ask to see a sketch, then there are others who need to see something on paper to place an order. I would love to know what you do to get them to put a deposit down before a sketch - that would save so much time!
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