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Thanks guys for the suggestions
Hello!! Any ideas out there?!?
I have to make 100 bow cupcake toppers for next Sunday Dec 3rd but I wanted to make them ahead of time just dont know how to properly store them. I dont want them to be rock hard so I really dont want to let them air dry for a week and a half. This will be for a kids birthday party. I have to make too many of them to try and cram them a couple days before.    Any ideas?   Thanks :)
To me it seems like your support system was the culprit for the leaning top tier. I do not recommend skewers for support. I use thick bubble tea straws for support in all of my cakes...I have done a 4 tier wedding cake using this method. One thing that I have learned is that all the straws have to be cut the same length...if you cut them at various lengths then that will cause the cake to look slightly drooping/sliding. IMO the cake, frosting and that it was previously...
What kind of flavor does the Hennessy bring out?
I have never done this, but I think that the cream cheese is going to be too soft to withold the fondant. Do you have time to try this out in advance? To apply you can brush very lightly with water and then apply onto cake
Thanks Kory for your advice. I simply added some more melted chocolate and stirred that in. I am going to wait a few hours to let it firm up a bit. The bride wanted "booze" cakes. But I realize that booze ganache is not possible. I am simply going to do a sugar syrup and add liquor and then brush that onto the cake
How do cupcakes bake up? Also, I think I read on that article/tutorial that its best to bake smaller tiers (9 inches or less)...have you tried baking big tiers?
I made a 2:1 ratio chocolate ganache and adding some liquor to it. I let it rest overnight and its a little soft...not really runny, but really soft. It is going to be for a filling but I wanted it a little firmer. I dont know if its too soft because of the liquor. Can I place it in the fridge to firm and then fill the cake with it....or what can I do to firm it up a bit? Also, if I do put it in the fridge to firm up once I fill the cake with it, will it get soft again or...
Yes. Only a small layer. But remember you can also use shortening on the top and sides and piping at the base if your running low on piping gel. Also, you can use a light mist of water. Good luck
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