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Don't know if anyone wants outcome of experimentation, but here is what I've decided to do; after baking usual wasc & adding a little red food color to get a nice shade of pink, this was the winner with "quality control" people here at my house.  (*family : ))  The Pink Velvet by DH might be better with some other things added, but trying to use same things as wasc to transform it into a good tasting w/a good crumb was a failure.  It was tough, too dense & tasted rather...
I tried that & was not liking the flavor at all. Question stands...anybody?
I'm just going to sub in much the same as wasc recipe. Since I know there is not a smidge of chocolate in the 'pink' mix. We'll see how this works out. Everyone must be 'stumped. Thanks!
Anybody add extenders to the pink or blue velvet boxed mixes by DH?  I just assumed it would be identical to a white mix (WASC). However when looking at the back of the box (after I had bought them) I see that DH instructions say to add 2/3 Cup water, 3 eggs & 1 stick butter. Love the WASC & was hoping to adapt in same way. (4 eggs, sour cream, almond flavor etc....) Thanks!!!
Thank you winniemog!  I will try this at once.  I went ahead & tried to melt them on stovetop in double boiler, added a little corn syrup as it looked as if the candy was getting very hot and not completely melting, was not 100% pleased with results, however it could be used.  Will try your idea as soon as oven preheats. 
Make my own hard/rock candy perhaps?
Does anybody know how to melt Glacier mints properly?  Double bolier over low, med, high heat?  Microwave?  Add other ingredients to help them melt?  I only have a few & don't want to risk ruining them. Thanks!
Very ambitious project & nicely done!  They must've loved it : )  Thanks for posting detailed pics.  They make a nice tutorial. 
  Either the above or to make it easier, do scope mounts like this ^ maybe.  use Styrofoam under pvc  to hold the mount up.  Just cut a curved cradle out to hold the pvc flush.  Continue to support as needed. HTH.
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