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Very good job with smoothing the buttercream, and I really like those nice, tight diamond cuts in the buttercream.
Thanks!  That certainly wasn't my first one!  I kept track of the time I put into that cake and it was over 40 hours!  It was one of those cakes that I was still trying to decorate as we walked out the door to deliver it!
I now use a center dowel rod on all my tiered cakes.  I wouldn't say it gives me a false sense of security, just as I wouldn't say a set of plastic plates or any other system gives anyone else a false sense of security.  I would say that in 8 years of business it has never failed me.  I will very confidently place a 6 tier wedding cake in the back of my car and go up any mountain with my center dowel rod.  A properly supported cake is a properly supported cake no matter...
Stadium cakes are the most time intensive, most expensive cakes I do.  Start out by getting all the reference material you can.  Internet pictures from multiple angles, even Google satellite images will be a great help.  I have even bought Danbury / Franklin Mint "statues" of the stadiums to get more detail.  Here's a time lapse of a Denny Bryant Stadium I did a couple of years ago.
i have always used store bought fondant and I couldn't imagine making all my own, although I do make my own modeling chocolate.  That's time consuming enough!  I think I have tried all the brands (but I haven't tried the new Wilton concoction), but my favorites right now are Fondarific and FondX (or Elite by Fondx).   I have heard very good things about Liz Marek's fondant recipe, but I haven't tried it.
It also comes off the mat much easier after a trip in the freezer.  When you're dealing with something as delicate as that Starbucks logo it helps A LOT!   Also, it's good to know I have another option if/when my Cricut Cake decides to die.  I treat it like a newborn baby because I can't afford to lose it - I use it too much!!
I bought a Cricut Cake when they launched, and was early enough to buy a version of Sure Cuts a Lot before they got sued by Cricut.  I love it because I can cut any image using that software (no longer sold).  If I had to rely on cartridges I would have given it the boot long ago.  I like cutting modeling chocolate the best, but I have found tha no matter what I cut (fondant, gumpaste, etc.) that it always cuts best after an approx 5 minute visit in the freezer.  So I'll...
Do you have a blowtorch?  Just "kiss" it with the torch and it should clear up.
It's not that you're not thinking clearly, it makes a lot of sense!   It's just that in practice it's not terribly feasible to execute.  I tried a "sign off" sheet when I first started and it didn't work out for me.  Keep your contracts flexible, especially at first.  My first contract was teeny, because I hated all that "legal-ese".  With each bad bride or near miss my contract grew until I finally realized why contracts were so big and thorough.
Yeah, most of the time when I deliver wedding cakes, no one is there, maybe a DJ, or some venue staff, but they're busy doing their own jobs and have no idea if the cake you're bringing is even the right cake.  You might find yourself waiting a long time before someone comes around to sign the delivery document.   I understand your concern though.  I ALWAYS take a couple of "proof of life" cell photos after I have delivered and setup the cakes.  If anything happens, it's...
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