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If the cake is properly supported, the cake beneath shouldn't be carrying any of the load of the cake on top, so theoretically a stacked cake should be able to be held indefinitely.  I deliver all of my cakes stacked - I use bubble tea straws for support and a center dowel rod for any tiered cake.  And I always refrigerate and travel with the cake cold.   I know this info is coming to you later than you need it, so I hope everything goes (or went) well for you!
The most important parts of making a shoe cake is having a good image / impression of the bottom of the shoe (the footprint, literally), and the side view or profile of the shoe.  Print these out to the size you want your cake to be, making sure that both are scaled appropriately.  Basically this means that if the footprint is 10 inches long, make sure the profile is 10 inches long.  I start my laying the footprint on top of the cake and cutting the entire cake to match...
I've had both - I burned through 2 Epsons in about a year and a half - I have had one Canon for about 2 years now and it's still going strong.  I wouldn't get another Epson, but that's just been my experience.  YMMV.
A long time ago I got a real deal on some of the Cricut Cake mats, so I bought several 12x12 and 12x24 mats.  I use mine ALL the time and I have never thrown away or retired any of my mats.  Some of them are scored and scarred with the cuts from 100's of other jobs and they still work just fine.
I don't have a lot of pickups, but when I do, I remove it from the fridge maybe 5 minutes before I expect them to arrive.  I always warn them about the condensation and instruct them not to touch it and that it will dry back out.  If you tell them about it, they shouldn't freak out.
When I have had super clogged printheads, I have used a syringe (without the needle) to force Pure Grain Alcohol (PGA) through the nozzles.  Might be one last thing to try before you order another one.  It may take several passes with the PGA to start seeing results.
I live in Georgia where the only thing higher than the humidity is the pollen count.  I refrigerate all my cakes - I would never dream of traveling with a cake that wasn't nice and cold through and through.  You will get some condensation, just leave it alone and it will dry out.  The only real problem the condensation has ever caused me is with those darned food writer edible markers.  Those things will run on me every time.  So I just quit using them.   Listen to...
A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders the day I realized that not everyone can afford my cakes and that's OK.  I can simplify or scale down my design to fit into a clients budget, but sometimes that's not enough.  Ferrari doesn't sit around worried and coming up with thousands of ideas on how to get their car in my driveway!
Final viewing of the cake?  That's not even something I've ever heard of before!   As as far as non-payment goes, here's the message you leave for the client:   "Hi, this is Razz from Razzmataz bakery.  I understand the day before your wedding can be a stressful time, but I have not received the information or the payment for tomorrow's cake.  I cannot deliver your cake without payment or the location.  At this late stage, I will require my payment in cash.  Please...
Amen, sister!
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