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I can't imagine trying to get cake out of a mason jar.  I would either cut them from a sheet cake using a circle cutter, or maybe try baking them in something like a vegetable / soup can.  The end result is very cute!
Agreed!  Fresh strawberries go bad FAST!  I never even buy them until the day before I need them.
A long time ago, when I also did catering, I would take all the cake scraps and my leftover icing, add in some rum and chocolate and make rum balls.  People LOVED them (what's not to love about rum?!)  Recently, I have taken to saving some of my cake "humps" and making cheater whoopie pies for my DH's lunch.  He hasn't complained yet!!
It's hard to tell, that picture is so small.  I do think it might be an edible image, because I can see a repeating pattern from the bottom tier on the tier above it (almost directly above).   I only buy my edible image sheets in 7.5 x 10, and I use what I need. I would do the top and the sides, and I would plan on a little overlap for each.  The edible images are pretty flexible, and it's camouflage, so the more the merrier, right?  You can piece edible image sheets...
Arbor Mist like the wine?  I have been known to whip in liquors into my buttercream, (Baileys, Amaretto, etc) and I just add it in and whip to my regular buttercream.  Not sure if the wine would react differently or not, but that's a good place to start - just try whipping some in (unless someone else has a better / more experienced answer.)
Great info by @cakegrandma, but I'll add that icing placed in a "regular" fridge with other regular foods can have a tendency to pick up those flavors.  So if the icing had a funky flavor, it may have had more to do with with the evening's leftovers and not the recipe used.
AWW!  It's only Monday and I think you just made my entire week!  I'm glad I found you too!
I can tell you that I just provided the bride's and groom's cakes for our very best friend's wedding.  I did not charge them anything for the cakes, as it was our gift to them.  The only other thing we brought on the wedding day besides the cakes was a card wishing them many years of happy marriage.    The time and materials you will be putting into this cake should be gift enough.  But I'm not telling you or your DH what to do... Regarding square cakes, they are harder to...
i would try searching for toppers on - Lots of custom topper makers advertise there.
I don't think I have ever heard of a true glow in the dark icing - I have heard that tonic water (contains Quinine) will glow under a black light.  Adding that to your frosting should make the icing fluoresce under a black light.   I found an article that talks about the tonic water and why the jello is needed for colored icings   Hopefully someone else will happen along...
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