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I agree completely with cai0311. Before I put prices on my cake gallery and listed my minimum price on my website I got lots of "looky-loo" callers. Several years ago I added pricing for every cake and now those types of calls has went down dramatically. Best time I ever spent!
What are you cutting on your Cricut? I find that fondant cuts horribly! But modeling chocolate and candy clay work great! Gumpaste cuts well too. What I found was that ANYTHING I cut in the Cricut cut better if I popped it in the freezer for 5 minutes before I cut it. For very thin, intricate cuts, I will also pop it back in the fridge after cutting. I love my Cricut, but there is a learning curve. Keep playing with it!
Really? Wow, I have to look into that! One of my mixers stopped working the other day. I took the top of to find that it was FILLED with powdered sugar! WHOOPS! I used my air compressor to blow it out and low and behold it is working fine again!
What about a briefcase with some legal documents printed on edible paper? Maybe with a running shoe and one of those paper numbers people wear during marathons?
If you're really trying to start a business, then you need to have a suitable work environment. You should consider the daycare/sitter part of your business overhead. If your daughter were in daycare, could you sell enough cakes to pay for it? Would you still be in tears right now? Every person has to make their own choices as to what they really want to do and what they can really afford to do. Sometimes you can't have your cake and eat it too.
I think the new layout is much cleaner looking, but I am missing some of the old functionality, like the ability to quickly get to my photos and see over view stats at a glance. I was also very disappointed that I am still unable to load an avatar for my profile. That functionality has been broken for well over a year, and it seems every forum in the world has this.Signatures also appear a little cramped; mine is 4 lines long and getting cut off. Wasn't a problem before.
The link you posted says that they are 8" and 10". It looks like 3 layers per tier to me. I use 3 layers for all my cakes and each tier winds up being around 5" tall. HTH!
My guess is that the neck is actually a small cake drum or foam core and that the head sits on a thin cake board that then sits on the neck. HTH!
Yes, by all means, put the butter back in BUTTERcream! I use an all-butter buttercream and my customers rave over it!Here's a link to the recipe I use... HTH!
I agree with Mimi - your response and post was very professional. You wl have LOTS of people wanting to haggle with you. Unfortunately lots of "bride advice" sites/blogs are all telling brides to go for the throat on haggling. The ONLY way I drop my price is if they get less cake or I do less work; but I always tell them I am more than willing to work with their budget and give them all the cake they can afford.
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