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Do you have a texture mat you can roll them over? If not, maybe use a small kitchen knife or an exacto knife to make the tread impressions?
I put fondant cakes in the fridge all the time. It might condensate a little after removing it, but it will dry up in about an hour. If you have dark colors or hand painting that you worry about running (or ruining) put a plastic garbage bag over your cake and tape it to the bottom cake board. This will keep it from sweating all together.
You might want to consider gelatin sheets. Normally you soak them in hot water to make gelatin, but they are (mostly) clear edible sheets. You can refrigerate them for a short time and they become more flexible. Might be an option if you haven't worked with sugar before.Whatever you wind up using, I'm sure your Dad will love it!
I have found that using an all-butter butter cream makes for the smoothest cakes. Here is a video of the method I use to get my cakes smooth, along with the recipe:
I agree with costumeczar. I went from a sole prop to an LLC and it was more of a pain than if I had just made the jump to an LLC from the get go.Having an LLC is very important in keeping "your" assets separate from your "business" assets. It all seems so pointless until you're on the ugly end of a lawsuit. I have never been sued, but our best friend is a bankruptcy attorney and does his level best to keep us as financially safe as possible.Good luck!
I met with a couple last year about a Star Wars themed groom's cake. They wound up going another route, but our idea was to make light sabers out of isomalt and then backlight them with a thin strip of LED lights.
It looks like Hot Purple Disco Dust to me...
Oh yeah, I always tell my customers that no one buys fondant for the taste. I only use pre-made fondants, so I can't speak for MMF, but some definitely taste better than others. Wilton fondant has a horrible taste, but I find that Fondx and Fondarific have better tastes. Chocopan is delicious, but it's WAY more expensive and I find it harder to work with.I always use a nice layer of buttercream on my fondant cakes and if people want to peel the fondant off they still...
I have bought bubble tea straws and while I like them, I find the heavy duty drinking straws provide just as much support and cost A LOT less! Admittedly, I use a few more per tier, but not enough to start to offset the cost savings.
I'll add that Fondx and Fondarific cut well also. Anything I cut in the Cricut automatically gets a 5 minute vacation in the freezer before I cut it. It makes a WORLD of difference! The cuts are much cleaner!!
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