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I find that the private / country clubs I deliver to are the worst about cutting the cake properly. I think leaving a cutting guide is a great idea, but don't expect the event staff to stop and read it. It's more of a CYA measure. I think a call to the catering manager would not be out of line. It sounds like it's just an education issue where the manager needs to (re)train the servers.
This does sounds like a fun bride! I think a cake stand that looks like a coffin would be really cool! Even an overturned grave stone would look awesome! Have you tried sending a PM to Mike411? He has made cake stands for me before and likes a good challenge.
Great going step0nmi - you may even be changing your username to watchoutf0rmi soon! I deal almost exclusively with brides and wedding cakes and every bride fishing for a discount uses the "well this other baker quoted me $X.xx" line. I always tell them "If you liked the look and the taste of their cake better we wouldn't be having this conversation, would we?"
I HIGHLY recommend Mike McCarey's Cakenology Vol 1 DVD. It's all about the process of making a scale model car cake. He actually makes a Ford Mustang in the DVD and walks you through all the steps. I review it every time I start making a car cake. It think it runs about $40 and worth every cent!
You might also consider checking with local bakeries to see if they would print out your message with your new font on edible image paper. Once when mine was on the fritz I paid another bakery to print out the page for me.
There is an awesome site called What the Font? that lets you submit an image of a letter or word and it will help you ID the font used. I did Google it however, and it looks like someone said that Aachen SB Bold was very close to the "m"
If it's still rolled out, rub your hand over it in small circles. If you have already made something from it, try brushing it with vodka, PGA, or lemon extract. It should wash off the corn starch and the alcohol will evaporate and not get your clay gummy.
We use our maching a lot. Check out our blog for samples of what you can do with it. I do not agree with the previous advice just because that has never worked for us. I believe the secret is using modeling chocolate(Mike McCarey's recipe) or candy clay (Wilton's recipe). It cuts perfectly when chilled for a few minutes and doesn't break like dry fondant or stretch like fresh fondant. If you just can't use modeling chocolate use a product that really hardens in the...
Exactly right; the Gypsy will show lots of cartridges, and you can design with any of them, but you can only cut with the 2 that are included (or you can read in your current cartiridges and use them). My sister gave me her Gypsy because she didn't like it and now I know why. It's a chore to keep up with which graphics you can actually use to cut with.I bought a Cricut Cake at it's release and I love it (but then I have a license for SCAL so I can cut with my laptop) but...
I agree completely with cai0311. Before I put prices on my cake gallery and listed my minimum price on my website I got lots of "looky-loo" callers. Several years ago I added pricing for every cake and now those types of calls has went down dramatically. Best time I ever spent!
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