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Yes, you might be able to save it. First let it thaw. Try it then, sometimes a vacation in the deep freeze will add moisture to it anyway. If not, give the top a wash with a simple syrup (2 parts sugar to 1 part water, brought to a boil and then cooled) and pop it back in the fridge.
If you can buy Mike McCarey's DVD on how to make car cakes. It will teach you everything from how to make templetes to the wheels. I watched that dang thing 5 times while I made my first car. You are going to use a piece of styrofoam painted with black floral spray (design master at Micheals) it won't eat the foam. Or cover it with black fondant. The car will be on a cake board and will be secured with melted chocolate to the styrofoam after it's almost done, minus...
Thanks Annie!My brother, CC user mike411 made the wooden sign and I cut the letters out of foam core (gator board) using a band saw. When I had a *real* job I worked in visual merchandising for a retail chain and I cut letters all the time. Once they were cutout I painted them black and then used spray adhesive and black glitter to make them sparkly!
I always put pictures of my booth on my blog, but here was one my last 10x10 setups:
I put fondant cake in the fridge every week and I don't have any problems. The fondant will sweat a little when you take it out, but it will dry up in about an hour. If you're worried about bleeding/running (especially with dark colors or dark accents on a light cake) then put a garbage bag over the cake before you put it into the fridge. Just tape the edges of the bag to the sides of your cake drum.
For just a slant you should be fine with the moister cake, and I always do any carving with the cake cold. Carve your slant while it's still cold, crumb coat it, and then pop it back in the fridge.Good Luck!
Really, all the weight of your gumball bowl (I am assuming this would be glass or acrylic and NOT cake) would rest on the supports on the cake layer below and not on the cake itself.For carving sculpted cakes, I like using a denser cake like a pound cake, but for just stacking you should be able to use any cake you want.Best of luck, and please make sure to post pics when you're finished!
I bought one of these acrylic stands several years ago (it was not exactly like the one in your picture) and I was disappointed with the quality. They would hold cupcakes, but I would consider it a disposable product. I think I paid around $70 for it and for that price I could not justify it being disposable so I sent mine back.For $70 you can get a really nice adjustable MDF one on Etsy that you rent out over and over again.
I use "intuit" with my quickbooks program. If you were going to use credit cards often, I would recommend it, but it sounds like you are just needing it for the one transaction. I would go with the squared up thing, they will send the reader to you for free! Business may not want to go through Paypal, but it's safe so keep it as an option. You can also ask them if they can cut you a check after you invoice them.
I've mixed them and it's fine. Hope you have enough fondant to get your cake done
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