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That sounds JUST like Tasha! LOL!!
No offense to anyone with a official culinary training, but I don't think it's a requirement.  When I first got the bug to open my cake business, I couldn't afford to go to culinary school so I got a job at a bakery / pastry shop.  I had a working interview where I had to show my proficiency with cakes (basketweave) and that I could follow a recipe.  I have to admit that I did learn a lot about how a bakery storefront was ran and a lot of the tricks of the trade.  Enough...
No, I believe they are edible.  I think someone cut gumpaste or modeling chocolate into the bird / branch shape using a cutting machine like the Cricut or Silhouette.
Mine stayed in the fridge overnight and did just fine.
I HATE writing on cakes!  If I have to write on them, I do it on a gumpaste plaque or cut the letters using the cutting machine.  I have used a laser level before, but it was more for piping bands of swirls:  
I don't think it's stencils.  My vote is that someone used a cutting machine (Cricut, etc) to cut this out.  It might have been a Sugar Veil / Sugar Dress mat.  Whatever they did, it's beautiful.
This is what I used for the center of my flowers: They are more sparkly than they appear in the photos. 
I made this cake recently and I used Fondx with a little tylose to make the large "petal" panels.  Then I just applied them to the buttercream.  My BC is non-crusting, so the panels probably stuck better than the crusting varieties.  
Oh, I'm afraid my suet isn't of the medieval variety.  I use lard, peanut butter, oats, raisins, meal, etc to make suet cakes for the birds.  This chick ain't boiling no kidneys! ;-)
I refrigerate all my cakes and use the same icing for crumbing, filling, and finish work.  I find that I can get a cold cake smoother, it decorates better, and definitely travels better - my reasons have nothing to do with food safety.  My buttercream is non-crusting, so that may make a difference.  I do agree that the OP should try a different recipe. Do you make your own suet?  I keep some made all the time and the birds just love it!  I'm not so sure about those bait...
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