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Do you have a blowtorch?  Just "kiss" it with the torch and it should clear up.
It's not that you're not thinking clearly, it makes a lot of sense!   It's just that in practice it's not terribly feasible to execute.  I tried a "sign off" sheet when I first started and it didn't work out for me.  Keep your contracts flexible, especially at first.  My first contract was teeny, because I hated all that "legal-ese".  With each bad bride or near miss my contract grew until I finally realized why contracts were so big and thorough.
Yeah, most of the time when I deliver wedding cakes, no one is there, maybe a DJ, or some venue staff, but they're busy doing their own jobs and have no idea if the cake you're bringing is even the right cake.  You might find yourself waiting a long time before someone comes around to sign the delivery document.   I understand your concern though.  I ALWAYS take a couple of "proof of life" cell photos after I have delivered and setup the cakes.  If anything happens, it's...
I highly recommend getting a copy of Mike McCarey's Cakenology Vol 1: Car Cakes DVD.  He walks you through all the planning, baking, and decorating steps of making a carved car cake.  He even gives you the recipes he uses.   Best of luck!!
I have used edible chalk before and it works well on fondant:
I just posted a mini tutorial on making these ruffle roses this morning.  They stuck to buttercream just fine for me, but my buttercream doesn't crust, so your mileage may vary.  
Someone mentioned dry ice, if you decide to use it, please make sure you do so safely.  Dry ice is meant to be used in a well ventilated area.
Humming bird bodies are probably more about the texture than looking like feathers, and even the wings aren't terribly feathery looking.  Having said that, do you have access to wafer paper?  It might make really good hummingbird wings.  I know this isn't the best answer, but I wanted to try to help with your dilemma.  
Summers in GA get really hot and humid too.  Even though I prefer buttercream, I recommend fondant for outdoor summer weddings.  I warn them about the buttercream melting, the possibility of insects flying and sticking into the icing, and the food safety issues (although there's so much sugar in there that's really the least of my concerns). If they decide to ignore my professional recommendation, I pull out a hot weather rider to tack on to my contract that they sign...
+1 here for charging exactly the same price for all the reasons already mentioned above.
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