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Maybe you could just call? I just read an article somewhere that rated butters and if I remember correctly Kerrygold was their top pick.  Plugra butter is excellent, if you can afford it - it's SUPER pricey! Just FYI, I use Kirkland and Sams's Club unsalted butters in my FMBC (very similar to IMB, but with whole eggs) and it turns out perfectly every time.' Good Luck!
I agree that maybe you should try a different recipe, but if you feel that your buttercream is too sweet, try adding a little salt to it.  It will help cut that sticky sweet taste.
Congratulations, Jen!
Collette's ball tool is the metal one, right?  I have several ball tools, but the metal one is my favorite.  It just doesn't stick or drag like the plastic ones. 
I love my metal bench scraper, but when you buy yours, be on the lookout for a scraper that has a handle the full width of the scraper and that will sit at a 90 degree angle.  I love my Fat Daddio scrapers, but I had my brother cut off the rubber nubs on each end so that it would sit flush on the cake turner as I turn the cake.  Maybe I should contact them like @Walkinmomma and suggest a redesign?
I bought a lot of major appliances from a salvage lot.  They buy out the remaining good inventory when a Home Depot or Lowes has a tornado or flood or something.  The one I use cleans and tests the items.  And I usually wind up getting appliances at about 60% of the new price.  I bought my Thermador double oven there.  It was a $4000 oven new and they wanted $2400.  But one of the glass doors was busted so they offered it to me for $1200.  I bought it and then ordered a...
I have not had any problems with my handles.  Just contact the company, I'm sure they would be glad to help.
I have the Caketrick and I really love it!  It works really well with the mat too.  It is unusually heavy, but it will turn a huge globe of fondant nice and thin and smooth in no time flat.  The ends are beveled so that it doesn't leave any marks in the fondant as you roll.   I'll admit that I don't get it out for small jobs, but for the big stuff it's a lifesaver!
This is a great discussion and I agree whole-heartedly with @AZCouture - prequalify your clients before you ever waste their or (more importantly) your time.   Whether it's done via e-mail, phone, or web submission I always ask about servings and budget.  If budget divided by servings is less than or very close to my minimum, then I have a quick discussion with the client and tell them that if their budget can't go up or their servings can't go down then there's no need...
Candy melts aren't chocolate, but they sure do behave a lot like chocolate.  I have caught myself on multiple occasions referring to candy clay (modeling "chocolate" made from candy melts) as modeling chocolate.  And I'm no dairy expert, but a lot of chocolate does contain some dairy (even dark chocolate) so when food allergies come into play you have to check everything you use very very carefully.  A good friend of mine is a celiac and runs a gluten free bakery.  Every...
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