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I think you did an awesome job!  Looks great!!
Is the mouth really open, or is that just black fondant giving it the illusion of being open?    I have tried several methods for getting a completely spherical cake and it always takes up way more of my time than my clients are willing to pay.  Now I use styrofoam for the bottom half of the sphere and make the top half in cake.  They look much better and my clients are generally more concerned with the looks than it being 100% edible.
If the the hole at the top really bothers you, you can always center dowel your cake before the top tier goes on and then just cut the center dowel so that it's a couple of inches shorter than the top tier.  When the top tier goes on it won't leave a hole.
I center dowel all of my tiered cakes, but I do use the thin cardboard cake boards between my tiers.  For the bottom (base) board, I will use a cake drum, 2 cake drums, or a cake drum glued on top of a wooden board, depending on the size and weight of the finished.  I stack all my tiers first, using a sewing gauge or a ruler to make sure the cake is centered.  Then I'll sharpen a dowel using a dedicated pencil sharpener and drive it through the entire cake into the base...
I carry all my cakes stacked (as long as they will fit in my vehicle), but I center dowel any any cake 2+ tiers.  I use bubble tea straws and cardboard rounds for tier-to-tier support.
I use Dallas Foam also.  They would probably cut you a slice out if you called them.  Styrofoam is pretty easy to cut though it you wanted to do ti yourself.
Yep, I have used it with the bottle cap cakes, but I also use it a lot in groom's cakes, or any chocolate cake.  I'm not a beer drinker either, and the stout is especially strong to drink, but in the cake I can't even taste it.  But the cake is very moist and carves and holds up beautifully.
This chocolate stout cake is insanely good, I sell a lot of it in my bakery:
Wow, that's very interesting!  I don't think I have ever tried GFS butter...
@theresaf - Do you use your 3D printer for caking purposes?  If so, I would love to hear more about how you're using it!
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