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We almost always put our EI on a fondant/gumpaste/mod chocolate piece.  They always behave better and I think they look better too.  We just use the tiniest bit of shortening to adhere the image to the gumpaste.  When you then cut the piece to fir the image, you would never know it's there.
Yep, call your local health dept and they will help you - they really aren't the bad guys people make them out to be.  Even if your state allows it, your city or county may not.  Best of luck to you!
I am sorry to hear about your predicament.  I would say your first call should be to the local health department to find out what you can actually legally do from your home in your state / city / county.  It might be easy as pie, or it may be impossible based on your location.   I don't know if your employer offers you health insurance or if you even have it, but it sounds like you are in a situation where you really need it right now.  I would have a heart-to-heart with...
OK, I'll be the dissenting view on this one.  I have bought these types of "unitasker" pans before and I wind up giving them away or they just sit and collect dust.  I say just carve it and don't waste the money on the pan.  If you can carve a cake, you can make any shape cake you want.
I agree with a lot of what has been said in this thread, but be VERY wary of The Knot.  In my experience I have found that if you don't live in one of their featured areas they don't do you any good.  I got lots of weird e-mail inquiries from The Knot, but never had one turn into an actual order (or even a followup phone call / meeting).  When I decided to leave The Knot, I had to cancel my credit card to get them to stop charging it every month.  And then they still tried...
For Cake Central magazine, they will e-mail you asking you to participate in a certain theme.
Good luck on your bridal show!  They can be daunting, but for someone looking to get into the wedding cake game, they are all but essential.  I have written several articles on my bridal show experiences, feel free to check out my blog:
That looks awesome!  I'm always up for a heavy read when it comes to cake! Thanks for sharing.
It should stick and refrigerate just fine.  If your cake is a different color (say chocolate cake with a white edible image) I would suggest adhering the edible image to a thin fondant / gumpaste / modeling chocolate sheet and then putting that on the cake.  If the cake frosting color is dark it can bleed through the image.  As far as taking it out of the fridge, I live in a high humidity area and I have never had an issue with one running, etc.  Good luck!
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