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Thanks both of you. I'm hooked onto sugarshack
Hi,This is such a fantastic thread. I read through some of it, but haven't had timeto go through most. Quick question - What's your favorite online store to buy stuff for general baking, and also to buy chocolate? I've just moved to the UK, and the stuff you get here in stores is quite limited.ALl help will be much appreciatedThanks,lostbaker
Bump? Sorry, but I really need to buy some stuff. Any help would be much appreciated!
Hey,I've just moved to the UK, and am at a loss for where to shop. Should I rely on Amazon / Ebay, or do you recommend any other sites?Thanks,lostbaker.
Hey.. homemade edible glitter would be awesome since I can't buy it here, but the book doesn't open for me. Could you post it here, or maybe PM it to me please???
Hey guys.. I'm sooo sorry, but I've been out of it for the past 2 weeks. Major sickness!! I was asleep most of the time, luckily my blog didn't suffer, I had lots of scheduled posts ready!! So what I want to know is, has anyone done the final tabulation for results, or should I do it? I'm sorry about the delay, if anyone has done it, that would be great, otherwise I should have it ready ina bout a day's time.Do let me know, sorry once again
OMG dutchy that's exactly what I was talking about. The thread you linked to lead me to the original thread, the one I was looking for! Thanks sooo much This is why I love CC
I looked all over the site, couldn't find it. Thanks though! Anyone else know what I'm talking about?
There was once a thread here, on a particular type of scroll design, that had a link to a youtube video that showed how to do it?I can't describe it very well, as I dont know the terms, but it was on the border of the cake, a double layer scroll, as in one thick one done in white, and then a thinner one done on top in black, that made it look amazing.Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? I searched soo much for the video, and even the thread, but couldn't find...
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