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Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! Thanks Julee!
Thank you Tesso! That cake is absolutely stunning. I have PM'd the artist & respectfully requested guidance. I appreciate your help!
Thank you, I already googled. I was just wondering how to make it translate to cake.
I have a request from a co-worker to make a True Blood Drink cake for his wife's birthday. I am a hobbyist & am not charging for the cake and I don't have the money to buy sugar molds & edible paper, etc. If I had the money I would go all out; however, I'm kinda stuck for ideas. I was thinking of trying to make a bottle out of cake & RKT. It only has to feed about 20 people so that's not a problem.Okay, my idea is to stack maybe 3 torted rounds, covered in brown bottled...
I make sure the windows are closed & usually turn on the A/C if I'm in a hurry.
I have not found a chocolate bc that I like. I usually use white bc & just add black, cuss, let it sit, add black, cuss & let it sit. I have found that if I let it sit overnight the color usually darkens to the right shade.
Wow! I just want to pop over & sit for awhile! Let us know if you branch out & put shops in the USA. LOL! Very beautiful shop, I pray all the best for you!
I did what Enchanted did. I made an oval cake & cut up a picture of the logo to use as a pattern for my fondant. The pic is in my photos; however, it was like the 2nd cake I ever did so it doesn't look as good as Enchanted's cake. Hope this helps!
LOL! I recently posted about my DH's awesome bow making abilities! Ain't it great when they get in there & are actually helpful! I just made a cake & there really wasn't a whole lot I needed an extra hand with & I think he secretly got his feelings hurt. So, I guess I'll need lots of help on my mother's birthday cake. ;-}
WOW! I thought I had a bad experience with class; however, you take the cake! (pun definitely intended) You Tube has some really great videos that will show you techniques. After my miserable teaching experience I decided I could teach myself much better. Hobby Lobby sells the Wilton Course books & the Wilton decorating books. These will give you more info than what you're learning.If you can't get a refund then you better be a PITA student & get something useful out of...
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