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The green color was probably gel or paste food coloring added to the fondant. The brown "staining" was painted on with gel or paste food coloring mixed with vodka or lemon juice and brushed on with a paint brush. They also make airbrush colors that you can spray on. HTH
Just keep adding red. I usually add different reds (red-red, christmas red, no taste red, etc. depending on the color I want). It will darken after it sits. I would get a color close to what I want & let it sit for a few hours as it will deepen. The only way is to just keep adding color. In the beginning I was afraid to use "too much" but I have often used a whole bottle of color to achieve the hue I needed. HTH
YumKat, NEVER use margarine! Real Butter & shortening (like Crisco (solid)- not oil). Margarine has too many other things in it & will often ruin your icing, cake, cookies, etc.... I have left my buttercream cakes out of the fridge (I don't like to eat cold cake), as long as the humidity is under control (65%-70% or lower) than you should not have any trouble with the BC melting or turning (curdling). If it's too humid or hot then it's advisable to keep it cool. Many...
Absolutely Parchment paper. Wax paper will melt (don't ask how I know this....).
I agree with Sparkle! Just Wow!
I live in the great humid state of Florida! I close all of my blinds, turn on the range fan, lower the A/C & use a box fan if necessary. I agree with the consensus to bake either early morn or late at night. It also helps to keep your hands cool (stick in the ice bin every now & then). HTH
I went to FL Dept of Ag website this morning & sent an email asking what specifics would be required as the info on the website is mind numbing. This is the response that I received (almost immediately):HTH I guess we just need to stay tuned to Dept of Ag for the new regulations & guidlines. I requested that I be notified if possible when these docs be made available. I will post them if I receive them.
Do you know what the bill number is? Iam on the leg. site & not sure which bill to look at.Thanks
I am not a professional baker; however, I do work in an office where we have employees sign a contract w/ a "No Compete" & "Intellectual Property" clauses. This prevents them from taking any recipe or design, either created by them or you to another bakery (even their own). It also prevents them from working in the same industry for the competition for a specified period of time (like 1 year) after dismissal or resignation. You could google these terms or look on some...
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