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Okay, I cannot top a broken bone or dropping the KA on my toes. However, I have matching burn marks on each wrist at the base of my thumbs from where I can't get it thru my thick head not to reach into a hot oven between racks!
I work in a custom furniture store & we get these calls all the time. We have learned that if we tell them the payment terms (no CC, etc) first before we get to anything else it shortens the phone call tremendously thus lengthening our lives.
Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! Thanks Julee!
Thank you Tesso! That cake is absolutely stunning. I have PM'd the artist & respectfully requested guidance. I appreciate your help!
Thank you, I already googled. I was just wondering how to make it translate to cake.
I have a request from a co-worker to make a True Blood Drink cake for his wife's birthday. I am a hobbyist & am not charging for the cake and I don't have the money to buy sugar molds & edible paper, etc. If I had the money I would go all out; however, I'm kinda stuck for ideas. I was thinking of trying to make a bottle out of cake & RKT. It only has to feed about 20 people so that's not a problem.Okay, my idea is to stack maybe 3 torted rounds, covered in brown bottled...
I make sure the windows are closed & usually turn on the A/C if I'm in a hurry.
I have not found a chocolate bc that I like. I usually use white bc & just add black, cuss, let it sit, add black, cuss & let it sit. I have found that if I let it sit overnight the color usually darkens to the right shade.
Wow! I just want to pop over & sit for awhile! Let us know if you branch out & put shops in the USA. LOL! Very beautiful shop, I pray all the best for you!
I did what Enchanted did. I made an oval cake & cut up a picture of the logo to use as a pattern for my fondant. The pic is in my photos; however, it was like the 2nd cake I ever did so it doesn't look as good as Enchanted's cake. Hope this helps!
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