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The first thing I do when I need ideas is go to Search & look: or you could go to google & search Harry potter cakes in images.HTH
I work in a furniture store by day & this almost happened to us. The hearing impaired relay service called for a customer & the customer wanted a dining set to be shipped to an elderly aunt. They gave us CC info & shipping address but said the shipping company only took cash or wire transfers. They gave us the info to send the extra $400 to the shipping company. Once we researched a little we discovered the shipper was in Africa & we are in Florida! We called the police,...
I always take a whisk to the dry cake mix & whisk until all of the clumps are out & it looks like flour. I have found that my cakes come out fluffier & I have even had the hubs tell me how much I've improved!
I read this last night & was unable to post a reply; however, please know that I spent a while on my knees last night lifting up you & your family! It is difficult to watch your children in pain & be unable to help. Please use your energies to be there for your daughter & let others do for you (please don't be afraid to ask for help!!!). I am sure the bride will understand, there aren't as many heartless people out there as we sometimes imagine. I will continue to pray...
Check out this post in the forums. It has really good info on the subject. Luck!
LMAO! I literally just came from Cake Wrecks & was laughing at the winners! That was one of my favorite wrecks! Way to go!
It does come in plain white. I bought some last week. It smells better & tastes better than Wilton's!! However, I live in an extremely humid place & the fondant just turned to goo! I wrote the company that makes it & they said they weren't aware of any humidity problems. I am sending the rest of it back & they are sending me a new batch & a cake mix so we will see if it was just a bad batch or it just is too delicate for the humidity.
What Piccolo said! I don't have a cake biz but I do maintain the website for my day job. Google has really great FREE information on how to get noticed by search engines. Talk to the people that maintain your site & ask them what keywords they are using in your meta tags. Again, listen to Piccolo about blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, etc.. They are all FREE!The next time a rude salesperson calls just hang up! I had a guy tell me one time that I was violating all kind of...
Okay, I cannot top a broken bone or dropping the KA on my toes. However, I have matching burn marks on each wrist at the base of my thumbs from where I can't get it thru my thick head not to reach into a hot oven between racks!
I work in a custom furniture store & we get these calls all the time. We have learned that if we tell them the payment terms (no CC, etc) first before we get to anything else it shortens the phone call tremendously thus lengthening our lives.
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