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OK! That was horrifying and an assault on all of my senses as I also heard strange farting sounds. However, my interest is peaked.... I also live in Panama City & will now have to make a visit to see if it's as sensory abusive in the actual storefront! Wish me luck I'm going in.........
What they will do is after you have agreed on everything they will give a credit card number & then ask you to add $xxx to wire to the shipping company for them b/c they will tell you shipper won't take CC. You put $xxx extra on the card & then wire it to the "shipper," then when fraud is discovered and CC company reverse charges, etc you are still out the cash you wired. We almost fell for this at my day job (hearing impaired phone call) but we caught it before any money...
Just left my comment. We gotta support each other (especially new & eager bakers)! :-)
I have been a fan for years! I always peek in on Jen & John once a day for a laugh! The "Sunday Sweets" are also awesome!
I just reserved it at the library! Thanks for the recommendation!
How about modeling chocolate? Maybe someone else has a better idea, but I usually go to RKT or MC when I need something like that. HTH
RUN!!!!! I also enjoy reading the responses our very own "costumeczar" posts back to them. Check out her blog, it is hilarious!!!!   Haha I was posting at the same time. LOL
I bought a science project board from Michael's to use as a backdrop (very helpful). I also use it's very user friendly.
I bought mine at Michael's - it is branded by Duff Goldman. I really like it, it's small but does what I need it to do. It takes regular airbrush colors (like Americolor). HTH (Looks like you can by it directly from DG and cheaper than I paid at Michael's.)
I agree with Anna. I can't think of a way to make them less mushy. I have done that before and had to add cake.   Maybe someone else has a brilliant idea....
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