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Knead, knead, knead. If possible pop it in the microwave for a few seconds at a time in between kneading attempts, sometimes that helps. Maybe someone else has a better idea.
Get it in a cool spot away from any sun and turn the ac down if possible. I have actually had to point a fan at the cake before to help it dry. HTH
I agree with Cup a Dee, just about any buttercream will work - it's the consistency & thickness that makes it easier or harder to make flowers, etc. I use "American" buttercream and whip the crap out of it to get the gritty out. You'll do fine just practice before hand like you said and she'll never know! 
I think you can put fondant on most any cake, I haven't had a problem yet. Just roll it thinner if your cake isn't very firm. I wouldn't put a heavy (thick) layer of fondant on a moist & bouncy cake but a thin layer should be fine. Maybe someone else has more helpful input. 
Somebody may have a better idea but just cover the white parts. I have used blue painter's tape before (brand new). 
Everyone is so sensitive about this subject.  I don't think the OP was asking for advice or what she should price it at or how to price. I understood her question to be that she wanted to know what people in other areas are charging for similar art work. I thought it was a simple question. My only question would have been how many servings. I hate it that newbies can't ask questions any more without being scolded for being inexperienced or show the door to the legal...
Everyone has already given you their 2 cents and you agree but I just wanted to re-enforce the point. I do baking on the side and not full time (all legal). Outside customers don't give me short notice it is ALWAYS family, friends or their referrals. My MIL asked me one Christmas if I could whip up a cake for their church dinner to feed about 100. "Nothing fancy just a bunch of those pretty sugar poinsettias you do on it." And this was on Wednesday for Sunday! It took the...
Maureen Carlson (I found her books on Amazon real cheap) has some great books on people, animals, etc. She works with clay but other than not baking the figures the molding & sculpting techniques are the same. I don't remember what CC member turned me on to her but I owe them! She shows step by step & has lots of pictures. I find that I use my books over & over!   Here is a link, there are a couple of books that might...
CC, you always crack me up!  I absolutely got that shack in the woods vibe from the website (kinda Buffalo Billish from Silence of the Lambs) so maybe I'll look at the shop and hope I get out alive. 
You can also use vanilla or vodka. You shouldn't get water spots if you're careful and only use a dab, you don't want to soak it just a dab to glue it on.
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