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I would PM the original artist and ask. 
I use a science project board. You can get them at Michael's or Walmart. I like it b/c you can get different colors and it's 3 sided so you don't see the chair next to the table, etc.
Something else I do whether a pick up or delivery- I buy rolls of the rubber shelf liner (at Dollar General for like $1) and cut it to size. I put a piece in the cake box under the cake plate (between the plate and box bottom) and then I put one under the cake box (between the box and the floor). Nothing slides this way! I keep several pieces in the back of my SUV to use for Church Suppers, groceries, etc... It is a miracle product! I live in Florida and I was hesitant at...
When I took decorating classes, I had to bring my own cake, icing, fondant, cake plates, tips, bags, etc.... That way we were ready to go when class started and we could actually work on decorating techniques. HTH
I don't know where you live but in Florida with the horrid humidity it would take longer than an hour to dry for a cake that size. Just don't touch the fondant while it's still wet & sticky but it will eventually dry. I know that doesn't help when you have someone coming to pick it up but I don't have any other ideas. 
Knead, knead, knead. If possible pop it in the microwave for a few seconds at a time in between kneading attempts, sometimes that helps. Maybe someone else has a better idea.
Get it in a cool spot away from any sun and turn the ac down if possible. I have actually had to point a fan at the cake before to help it dry. HTH
I agree with Cup a Dee, just about any buttercream will work - it's the consistency & thickness that makes it easier or harder to make flowers, etc. I use "American" buttercream and whip the crap out of it to get the gritty out. You'll do fine just practice before hand like you said and she'll never know! 
I think you can put fondant on most any cake, I haven't had a problem yet. Just roll it thinner if your cake isn't very firm. I wouldn't put a heavy (thick) layer of fondant on a moist & bouncy cake but a thin layer should be fine. Maybe someone else has more helpful input. 
Somebody may have a better idea but just cover the white parts. I have used blue painter's tape before (brand new). 
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