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I went to FL Dept of Ag website this morning & sent an email asking what specifics would be required as the info on the website is mind numbing. This is the response that I received (almost immediately):HTH I guess we just need to stay tuned to Dept of Ag for the new regulations & guidlines. I requested that I be notified if possible when these docs be made available. I will post them if I receive them.
Do you know what the bill number is? Iam on the leg. site & not sure which bill to look at.Thanks
I am not a professional baker; however, I do work in an office where we have employees sign a contract w/ a "No Compete" & "Intellectual Property" clauses. This prevents them from taking any recipe or design, either created by them or you to another bakery (even their own). It also prevents them from working in the same industry for the competition for a specified period of time (like 1 year) after dismissal or resignation. You could google these terms or look on some...
I live in Florida where it is humid 9 months out the year. I usually make sure that it is in the cooler part of the day & that my area is dry & cool, usually crank the air conditioning up & make sure I am ziploc'd in the kitchen (NO windows or doors open anywhere in the house). Make sure your hands are also cool. I use fondant & gumpaste (50/50) for my figures. A fan is probably a good idea for overnight. Hope it turns out for you. I feel your pain, humidity has wrecked...
I had to leave the WTF? b/c that is exactly what I thought when I read & re-read that statement. People never cease to amaze me!!!
I agree w/ all of the above. When we have a customer order a custom piece of furniture, the drawing is reviewed & signed (& dated) by the customer. And we pretty much tell them the same thing Deb does. After a few weeks/months memory fades & become very selective, especially if there was back & forth before a final design was achieved.
Yes, that is what that means. Some companies will give you permission, others will charge you a fee & some just won't do it.or like Jason said, make a cake with the colors, etc & have the customer bring you a licensed toy or topper & put that on it.
I usually use 1/2 fondant & 1/2 gumpaste for my figures. As stated b4, they should be fine in a clean box, no need to freeze. Good Luck!
Deb, I often think to myself, "Dumba$$!" I think that same customer has been in my store. CakeMaster, you would be amazed at the number of people who tell me, "Oh, I can get that at Walmart much cheaper." To which I usually reply, "Cheaper" would be the operative word & when you're ready for a piece that won't fall apart in few months come back & see me.
I can't answer your question about cake pricing b/c I'm a hobbyist; however, by day I work in a store that sells real wood furniture. We have different price points & have the ability to custom design & finish (staining/painting). It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who come in telling me how they can't find what they want in prefab merchandise. They will then proceed to design from scratch or re-design a piece & actually balk when given a quote for the item....
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