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I would practice whatever you feel sketchy at. For me it's piping, for others it might be fondant work, for others it might be stacking. You will probably be called on to do all of these things so practice what you feel the MOST inexperienced in or the technique you don't feel comfortable with. 
In Florida  (where I am) we have the Food Cottage Law that does not require insurance; HOWEVER, if someone gets hurt picking up a cake or gets sick after eating your product you are not covered without it. Florida does not require sales tax on the food but does require me to claim it at the end of the year either as self employment or as Hobby income. I think everyone here is trying to help you CYA! Just stop and think about everything you do with and for that cake. Travel...
I have one and have never had a problem with it. Is the tip screwed on tight? Sounds like there might be a defect, call the manufacturer and let them guide you. I have had great experience with their cake support so maybe they can be better help.!__couture-cake I found the cake on this website. HTH
I have a color wheel (you can get them at the paint store) & it is a magical thing. I can adjust to the color I want and it tells me the base color and the colors to add. HTH
Check out your other thread
I think someone else posted (on one of the other threads you created for this question) a very good statement. I am going to paraphrase: I'm in Florida where it is very humid, depending on where you live my cake might need special care b/c of the humidity and yours may not. I will also most definitely buy different ingredient brands than you and that will affect the cake as well. I might bake in a dark pan and you in a shiny pan. Just two people making the cake is not...
Here ya' go, HTH
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