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I shipped Christmas treats one year to a family member an hour and a half away from me. I shipped them priority. The route they took sent them to another state where the package got snowed in for 10 days, making it a full two weeks before they arrived nasty, dried out and mashed to hell and back. Needless to say, I will just drive them there next time. Hope your experience is much better than mine. :-)
Maybe PM the artist and ask. But I agree it looks like fondant/extruder. 
EIN number is your Federal Employer Id # you would get another number for Local Sales Tax Exemption. The only advantage is not paying tax on the goods you are going to make to sell. You are exempt as a wholesale buyer. Since you often pay sales/use tax (check your area) it keeps you from double paying.   Most places that you buy wholesale items from will require the EIN to show that you are a business. HTH
I am not sure if this is what you are looking for but you can buy clear coffee flavoring
Yes Ma'am, that's why a lot of folks are under the table. It's a pain in the %$# to be above board.  Once you get there though it becomes old hat and routine. It's just the start up that is a bit daunting.
Just as has been stated, these items usually have a warning them that are for Home Use Only and not to be sold. If you make a generic cake and use a licensed, copyrighted topper on it then you are clear as you are not "copying" their licensed character. If you use their pan or cutters and then sell them you are infringing on their license as you will most definitely be using your talent to copy their material. It is an extremely deep subject!
I don't see a picture :-( There it is! Very pretty, beautiful roses.
I'm not sure about AZ but I live in Florida where the humidity is stifling! I have to close all of the windows and doors, turn the AC down to subzero and then sometimes have to put a fan on my cakes to keep fondant from melting like the wicked witch. Maybe someone else has a better answer but I have not come across anything more helpful. I watched an episode of Ace of Cakes where they were decorating in an area that was humid and they had to create a dry room that was...
I would practice whatever you feel sketchy at. For me it's piping, for others it might be fondant work, for others it might be stacking. You will probably be called on to do all of these things so practice what you feel the MOST inexperienced in or the technique you don't feel comfortable with. 
In Florida  (where I am) we have the Food Cottage Law that does not require insurance; HOWEVER, if someone gets hurt picking up a cake or gets sick after eating your product you are not covered without it. Florida does not require sales tax on the food but does require me to claim it at the end of the year either as self employment or as Hobby income. I think everyone here is trying to help you CYA! Just stop and think about everything you do with and for that cake. Travel...
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