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Posts by dkltll!__couture-cake I found the cake on this website. HTH
I have a color wheel (you can get them at the paint store) & it is a magical thing. I can adjust to the color I want and it tells me the base color and the colors to add. HTH
Check out your other thread
I think someone else posted (on one of the other threads you created for this question) a very good statement. I am going to paraphrase: I'm in Florida where it is very humid, depending on where you live my cake might need special care b/c of the humidity and yours may not. I will also most definitely buy different ingredient brands than you and that will affect the cake as well. I might bake in a dark pan and you in a shiny pan. Just two people making the cake is not...
Here ya' go, HTH
I would PM the original artist and ask. 
I use a science project board. You can get them at Michael's or Walmart. I like it b/c you can get different colors and it's 3 sided so you don't see the chair next to the table, etc.
Something else I do whether a pick up or delivery- I buy rolls of the rubber shelf liner (at Dollar General for like $1) and cut it to size. I put a piece in the cake box under the cake plate (between the plate and box bottom) and then I put one under the cake box (between the box and the floor). Nothing slides this way! I keep several pieces in the back of my SUV to use for Church Suppers, groceries, etc... It is a miracle product! I live in Florida and I was hesitant at...
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