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If you have an airbrush you could touch up the color with that, otherwise (unless one of these other talented artists has a better idea) you probably need to start over. (Sorry)
I did Santa's fur (and hat ball) by taking the rolled fondant and then taking a pair of tiny cuticle scissors and just nipping randomly, it turned out great.
WOW! All I could think while scrolling was that their licensing bills must be astronomical...... 
mellee gave you a great link. I have sold cakes in my county. I was told that licenses are subject to each county and city. I live in an unincorporated part of my county so I do not need a license; however, if I sell in a different part I might (there are about 6 cities in our county). Venues also may require that you have a license in order to deliver or serve there. In Bay County you are not required to do anything special. I registered my ficticious (sp?) name with...
Oh gosh, It's been a minute since I actually got it but I think (don't hold me to it) it was probably around $70. I was impatient and thought I had to have it right away. LOL I'm usually better at waiting for a sale price, then hitting it with a coupon but I think I used the coup on a regular price. Black Friday is right around the corner though......
I bought Duff's air brush machine and with Michael's coupons got it for 50% off. I love to add accents and use it for shading.
Vodka evaporates and water just makes the fondant sticky.
I shipped Christmas treats one year to a family member an hour and a half away from me. I shipped them priority. The route they took sent them to another state where the package got snowed in for 10 days, making it a full two weeks before they arrived nasty, dried out and mashed to hell and back. Needless to say, I will just drive them there next time. Hope your experience is much better than mine. :-)
Maybe PM the artist and ask. But I agree it looks like fondant/extruder. 
EIN number is your Federal Employer Id # you would get another number for Local Sales Tax Exemption. The only advantage is not paying tax on the goods you are going to make to sell. You are exempt as a wholesale buyer. Since you often pay sales/use tax (check your area) it keeps you from double paying.   Most places that you buy wholesale items from will require the EIN to show that you are a business. HTH
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