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I will be making between 30 and 50 carrot cakes in the coming weeks. I am doing them for charity, so I am trying very hard to keep my costs down. I can buy a bucket of Sam's cream cheese frosting for a very resonable price. It is also shelf stable, which is an important factor. Has anybody tried this frosting? Opinions? Thanks so much!
I agree with Flourpots and FioreCakes. That's what I did for the stripes on this cake.
Can anyone tell me how they flavor the buttercream from Sam's? I tried it years ago, and while it was pretty good, I thought it could use a little doctoring up...maybe vanilla and butter extract? However, due to health issues, I haven't had a sense of taste for years, so I was just looking for some suggestions of what flavorings to use as well as the general amounts. Thank so much!
I have the blue Ateco mat and I LOVE it! I've never had fondant stick to it. I don't even have to put down shortning or powdered sugar/cornstarch. Best $20 I've spent in a long time (great for cookie/pie/pizza dough too). Now,  I can't cut fondant with my exacto knife on it, but I've used my rotary blade and cookie cutters with light pressure, and I haven't gotten any marks/indentions
I've made several of Macsmom's recipes, and the creamer is used in place of water in the basic WASC recipe, so it needs to be liquid. I'm guessing the powdered might work if you dissolve it in water, but I've always just used the liquid.
Has anyone tried making the white chocolate variation of  Michele's fondant,  but with colored candy melts? I LOVE this recipe, especially with the white chocolate, but I'm trying to find an easier way to make red and black batches. Thanks!
I know how to make cake pops, but I've never made more than 100 and I have an order for 400 coming up. I was just wondering if anyone had any time/sanity-saving ideas as far as workflow, time management, etc. Does anyone use their crock pot to melt their candy melts? Thanks so much!!
Has anybody used any of the red canned spray colors (Wilton Colormist, PME, Duff's Grafitti, ect) on buttercream? If so, what brand did you use and what were your results? Thanks so much!!
Thanks so much, guys! I really appreciate it
  Hi! I have a cake due 12/1 that will look like this. The stripes need to be buttercream. I think I can manage it, but we've had a family emergency, so I'm not going to have the time to experiment. Any hints/tricks? Also, if you know which americolor color is closest to this blue, please share. Sorry to clog up the board with such simple questions. I just need all the help I can get right now.  Thanks so much!!
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