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wow! Thanks so much for all the help!!
Help! I need to know how can I mak a box cake more firm? I'm making a wedding cake that is three tiers and it will be covered with fondant. know that tiered caked need to be more firm for support. Please if anyone know what to add to a box mix, I would love to know, thanks!!
Thanks for all the ideas. I will try the new recipes and will keep dough cold. Thanks again.
I just started a small business doind cookie bouquets. I use a simple sugar or butter cookie recipe. I have noticed that my cookies end up spreading too much. I'm following the recipe to a T, what am I doing wrong? Can someone give me a recipe for a cut out cookie that keeps it shape?? Please I'm very desparate!!! Thanks
Thank you, it is a good start!!
I am going to ship cupcakes for the first time. I need Help. I don't know how or what I can use to ship them with out them getting crushed or spoiled. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!!
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