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love my 8qt, I can do a  double batch in no time
Thank you for spilling the beans, can't wait to try this recipe
my husband loves the butter cookies you buy at the bakery with the sprinkles on them, was wondering if anyone has recipe for these cookies. very much appreciated. thank you
Looking for a recipe for butter cookies, the ones like the bakery sells with sprinkles on them. Thanks for helping.
Going to be putting that 8qt kitchenaid on my christmas list, I love my kitchenaid but I only have 5 1/2 quart.
I'm looking for a recipe for a dense cake, not being pound cake but something I can work with that is not going to fall apart when I mold it. I need to make cake with some hills for boys dirt track cake, this will be my first try at something like this. Can someone please help. Thank You !!
Does anyone have a recipe for amaretti cookies like the ones StellaDoramake?
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