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I live at 6500 feet above sea level in Colorado. I can make a box cake with some doctoring very well and get tons of compliments on the taste. Howeve, everytime I try to make a cake from scratch, it comes out heavy and tastes too much like a pancake or like it has too much flour. I read to cut out some sugar - seems like it doesn't taste like enough with the flour taste. Does anyone have suggestions for this? Any help would be appreciated.
I have tried several scratch recipes for cake and I can't seem to find one that doesn't turn out tasting like a pancake. Any ideas why this is happening? Help would be appreciated. Thanks!
CC members do make their buttercream look flawless. I haven't tried the MMF. To be honest, I can't get that to work either!! Someone said part of my problem is that I live at 6200 ft in dry Colorado. But, I am assuming it is just my lack of talent/technique!
I have tried the Wilton Buttercream Method, the Viva Towel method, the wax paper method, and the Faux Fondant II recipe. How do I get my frosting to be smooth??? I can't even get it smooth enough to put fondant on it (which I hate the taste of, so would rather not use). Please help!!
I followed what I thought were the directions from the Wilton website for the candy Elmo cake, where it looks like he is bursting out of the cake. Well, it fell, taking 1/2 the cake with it. I was able to slightly recover the cake enough to still take to the bday party, but it was not what was expected by the customer, or me. Does anyone know how to do it?? I don't have the 2008 Yearbook, but thought I had the directions! P.S. How bad is 1/2 of a cake for two dogs to...
I made 48 cupcakes for a Father's Day event at my son's school. I used the basic Wilton Buttercream recipe for the frosting to make grass, and then made "lawnmowers" on them. However, after being in the fridge for only one night, the frosting is HARD as a rock! What can I do? Any suggestions would help!
I ended up getting $40 for it. Not bad for my first ever cake to sell. Thanks for the advice! I was clueless. I just wish it would have tasted slightly better. The bottom layer was sort of dry. Oh well, I am still learning. Thanks again for writing posts, it helped alot!
I just finished a cake for a baby shower. The baby shower is being thrown by my cousin for her friend. I estimate about $20 in costs ($25 you if you count what I messed up!!). What do I charge? It is suppose to be for about 20 guests. Any help would be appreciated!
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