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Thank you SO much for posting that link... I typed in the description on the Wilton page that showed on the poster and found it to order! I just ordered one.. This will be great to have as a reference. I am going to get it laminated so it will last me forever..Thanks so much! =)**Edited to post link to order poster...
Thank you for the link...Like I said in my original post, I couldn't find the page I was looking for. I knew Wilton had a page with the tips but there is so much information on the Wilton website that I wasn't finding it. I knew someone would have it.. =)Thank you!
I don't have any of the wilton yearbooks... We lost a few boxes when we moved into our new house...And the link provided didn't work..
I remember seeing somewhere a chart or something from Wilton that showed what each tip # creates.. I have been looking for it all morning and am not having any luck..
I only do buttercream for my cakes... Would that apply the same way as fondant with not having to be covered?
I was wondering what some ways are that you wrap your cakes to keep them fresh after you decorate them... What do you put them in to deliver?? I am just looking for some inexpensive ways to keep my cake from drying out too much after I decorate it and was wondering if anyone could share with me what they do. =)
What exactly is contact paper and where can you get that at???
Covering the board with fondant. Doesn't it get damaged like when you go to pick the boards up or if something accidentely touches it? Also, if you stack a cake what do you use on the foam board to cover it before you put your cake on top??
I was wondering what some inexpensive thing's people use for their cake boards and to cover their boards... I have been using card board, but especially for round cakes it's hard to get a perfect circle and always have pieces of the cardboard sticking out.. I have been using aluminum foil to cover my board but would love to venture out and use other things.. But inexpensive!!Thanks for any ideas!
When you say that you use straws... Do you mean literally, straws. As in the ones you drink out of??? What I have in mind are the white one's with the red stripes up the side.. Those are sturdy enough to hold cakes up fine?? If so I am getting those! Less expensive than those dowels I can't cut!!! lol
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