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I love Wilton's buttercream that calls for all shortening instead of 1/2 cup butter and 1/2 cup crisco.. I find that the all shortening recipe firms up better and I like how it holds it's shape, I don't find that with the 1/2 butter 1/2 shortening that it does very well...Can anyone tell me how I can make the all shortening recipe taste better?? I use vanilla and butter flavoring but I think it has a grainy taste to it..How can anyone tell me how to make my 1/2 and 1/2...
Is a simple syrup necessary on your cake?? How long does the simple syrup keep for??And does it make your cake soggy??
Thank you for letting me know! I'm really glad that I asked in advance!
So I shouldn't cover it at all? Even to transport it? Do you suggest that I just set it down in a box so it doesn't slide around, but not cover it? I was planning to get the side out of a box, put the cake in and then wrap the box in saran wrap, but I am guessing I shouldn't do that???
I have a polka dot cake I will be doing Saturday... My cake will be covered in buttercream but I am making the polka dots out of fondant... Can anyone tell me the best way to adhere the fondant circles to the cake??Would like to know before I actually start the cake so I can be prepared. =)
So, I was at walmart a few days ago and decided to pick up a couple different sizes of the Wilton cake platters.. I hadn't heard of them or used them so I got them to try out.. I have to say I am disappointed. I have a 10 inch cake I am making for someone on Saturday so I bought the 12 inch cake platters.. They are not sturdy at all.. I am a bit nervous putting a cake on one of these.... Has anyone else used these?? What did you do to improve the strength of them???These...
LOL.. I edited it after you replied because I agree with everything you said.. And I forgot to put in there how to package to deliver the cake and since you already answered my other questions I wrote them down and just edited my post to help with my delivery.
Thanks so much!!! Look for the picture in my photos on Friday.. =)
I need to deliver a cake similar to the one that I posted... The one posted is NOT my cake........ Can anyone tell me how you deliver 2 or more tiered cakes??Also, do you store your cakes in the fridge until it's time to deliver or do you just leave them out on the counter?? Mine is all buttercream
I am in search of a new buttercream recipe for cakes... I have been using the Wilton recipe for a long time but I honestly don't care for the flavor. I have tried different shortenings and powdered sugars. I figure that if I don't like the frosting why would I give someone else a cake with it on it...So is anyone willing to share their buttercream recipes with me?? I am looking for something that stays firm, crusts well and is great for decorating cakes...
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