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I have someone wanting a 16th birthday cake with stars coming out of the top. The stars are attached to what looks like wire.. I have seen this many times but have always wondered what type of wire is used???And is the wire wrapped with something or just stuck down in the cake???Can this wire be bought somewhere like walmart? I have no local craft stores around me and walmart is an hour drive...Any feedback is welcome! Thanks! =)
I do all my cakes in buttercream normally and sometime's I will add fondant accents to it... I have a 3 tiered wedding cake coming up that I would like to add ribbon to the bottom of... I have a few question's...1. Won't the grease from my buttercream soak through the ribbon and like stain it?2. How do I attach the ribbon in the back to make it stick?Any feedback on buttercream cakes with ribbon is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
I am trying to make this shark cake, and call me crazy but I can not figure out the instructions that were written for it. or the guide???How is the mouth cut to stand open like that with no support??
Can anyone tell me what size pans you think were used for the TOP 3 tiers of the cake I am attaching???
I live no where near a craft store.. The closest thing I have is Wal mart and that is an hour away.. I would have to order them and then pay shipping.. It's a last minute thing, I am trying to get her to chance the design to something different... But wanted some feedback on a few other thing's I could do..
A friend of mine really wants the cake I am going to post a picture of.... I told her that I haven't worked much with fondant, nor do I have any sort of leaf cookie cutter to make the design around the edge of the cake or to make the marbled effect inside of the cake... Does anyone have any tips that I could do to make this cake without going and spending a whole bunch of money?? I don't have the extra right now to buy the cookie cutters or anything to make the cake.. I...
I was wondering if the Wilton's gum-tex that you can get at Walmart is the same thing as Tylose powder??? I have never used either but I have been told that it works good adding a little to fondant to make it stiffer for like bows and what not...Does anyone have any feedback for me?
I have the Classic Batter Bowl from Pampered Chef says you can bake in it up to 350 degrees.. I have a barbie cake that I need to make for a friend and i'm wondering if baking a cake in that would be tall enough to stick a barbie down in? If so, how long would you bake the cake for?
Oooops.. I'm still getting used to re-sizing pics and what not.. Sorry to have posted it twice!
I bought a bag of stuff from a yard sale for cake decorating. I know everything that is in the bag except for this.... Can anyone tell me what it is? What it's used for and how it works??Thank you! =)
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