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lol... too funny!I want the recipe as well!
I know. But everything is in spanish. What I type isn't and what everyone else types isn't. But I can't read anything else on the website.Something must have gotten switched or something. I need it changed back.
okay. that is more advanced than what I am talking about I guess. What I seen was just like a little plastic looking table that you just pushed into the cake..Do you ask for these back or do you just buy more?
I have no clue what happened. I was searching the forum and the pictures and suddenly everything went to spanish! I am posting here because i can't read anything and need help switching back!!
kind of. but i've seen them where you can push them right into the cake.
I have been watching a lot of shows on TV. Like Charm City Cakes and the new Wedding Cakes one on WETV. I noticed that they have these little table things that they push down into the cake between each layer. Now, What exactly are these for. And do you ask for these back? or do you charge for them and then just buy more? Are they expensive?Thanks for any help!Trisha
I just went to the recipe section and typed in Fondant. WOW! I have no clue where to start. I have never used fondant before and have been seeing a lot of people using it now and wanted to try it. But I don't know where to start. What is the best fondant to start out with? And what should I know about it?Thanks for any help!Trisha
I promised my neice that I would make her some spiderweb sugar cookies to take to school with her for Halloween.I found a glaze to pour over the cookies while they are still hot. But everytime I baked Sugar Cookies with my mom they got really brown and sometimes burnt. But if I didn't cook them the whole time they weren't done in the middle.Can anyone post their sugar cookie recipe, and tell me how thick you leave your dough after you roll it out and how long you bake it?...
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