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Do any of you order supplies online in bulk for cheaper than you can purchase from the store?? Such as:foam boardPowdered sugardecorating bagsgel colorsThings along that line??? I know that restaurants can get things in bulk from food suppliers but wasn't sure if there was anything like that for other's to order from that would save you money??Thanks for any input!
I have a 3 tier wedding cake that i'm doing this weekend... She wants teal dots on her cake, can anyone tell me the best way to keep the dots lined up as well as what TIP to use???The dots will be teal and the ribbon or fondant I use will be teal as well that goes around the bottom of each tier...Also, is it best to use real ribbon or fondant to go around the bottom of each tier??? I haven't done either but I have read that ribbon sometime's will bleed, I don't want that...
I will try the box idea...But actually, my fridge IS sweating.. I have been wiping water off the roof of the fridge all day...
What can I do to prevent my fridge from sweating on my cake???? It's WAYYY too hot to leave my cake out.. Supposed to reach over 100 today so it has to be in the fridge.. Is there anything I can do or try that anyone else has????
I am wondering if there are any Wilton colors I can mix together to get a very bright red without using the whole container of red gel food coloring I have.. Only because I have 2 cakes to do and I need red for both and to get a bright red I only know to use almost the whole container.. I thought I had seen somewhere colors that you could mix to get a bright red without using as much red food coloring...Thanks for any feedback!
This toilet cake looks like it was set up using really easy things... but can anyone tell me what size pans I would need to make the cake?? And also what might have been used for the lid??Thank you!
I was asked to make a buttercream dinosaur, like the cupcakes I am attaching..Can anyone tell me what tip might have been used? And how to get the dino effect? Do you think they were piped right on the cake or on wax paper to harden a bit before being put on??
Can you tell me what type of wire was used for this cake: where to buy it at??? I'm not sure what size to order to hold up fondant pieces.
I have always used fondant, but the last cake I did I put a bow on the top. It didn't stand up the way that I wanted it to, I used fondant.... Is this the reason why? I have seen a lot of people make flowers out of gumpaste, would this would better to make number to stand up on a cake??Can anyone send me a link on HOW to make gumpaste flowers??And can you make your own gumpaste like you can fondant, or is it better to buy it??
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