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I don't have either of those stores anywhere near where I live. I live in the country with a grocery store and a dollar store.. lol..   Is there another alternative?
Can anyone tell me what the gel like stuff is that people use as water for the toilet cakes?? Where can I get it? Or if it's something that needs to be ordered is there an easy way to make it?? Thank you!
It is too late since I already made the cake.. but I took it out of the fridge really early this morning so it had time to come back to room temperature and hopefully I won't get any of the wet splotches this time.. I had some white fondant in the fridge too! I will have to remember this for next time.. Thanks so much!
I have only done an edible image cake once before.. The 1st time I did one when the cake came back to room temperature after refrigerating it, the picture got wet spots and made the picture sort of run and get clear water droplet holes in the image.. In that buttercream recipe I used a 1/2 butter, 1/2 shortening recipe..I am using a different recipe today (The cake is due tomorrow morning).. The recipe is 1 1/2 cups shortening to just 1/2 cup butter.. I am wondering if I...
When you say you warm it do you mix all the ingredients together and warm it on the stove or in the microwave?? Does it even have to be warmed? I am going to attempt to make some now but want to make sure I know what i'm doing first.
Thank you for getting back to me... I'm wondering if in her one video she was using 2 different kinds of icing's but referred to them both as the buttercream??Anyways, does the powdered sugar glaze harden like the RI and the meringue buttercream where they can be stacked?
I've tried using RI but don't like how hard it dries and I don't like the flavor.. This is my 2nd attempt at making Karen's merignue buttercream... even watched her video she has on how to make it, followed it step by step.. Mixed 1/2 my powdered sugar, my merignue powder and water for 5 minutes on high until it formed stiff peaks... Did the rest of the instructions, and it turned out great!! BUT...
A friend wants a simple white wedding cake with a silver fondant ribbon around the bottom of each tier.. I have never made anything silver on a cake and am not sure what to use to do this.. can anyone offer any advice to me on how to do this?Thank you!
Great.. Thanks so much!! I will have to remember this.. Glad I was sort of right in what I told her. =)
I have this Dora cake pan: longer have the instructions but did find online where I could view them.. I don't see anywhere that it says how many it feeds. I told the person between 12-15, does that sound like it might be correct?
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