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I hate pricking the bubble itself- seems t always leave a hole. lynnieb is right- a cold air bubble that it trapped will enlarge as it warms up. Give it a different place to escape: a thin skewer down the center top of the cake, all the way to the cake board, and remove. I take a fondant smoother, run it over the bubble, and it disappears like it was never there. The air found a different escape route.
Awesome! Glad it worked for you. 
The problem with the gelatin is that if you try to move it (i.e. spread it, pipe it, etc.) after it has started to set, it starts to look rough, like it's been torn. Add a heaping Tablespoon of clear piping gel to a quart of fresh whipped, then sweetened, cream. That will do the trick. I would still always refrigerate it though. Good luck!
Sweet Wise uses the highest security available. We have always used an encrypted service, from day one. The process of gaining a security certificate is quite time consuming and frankly painful to go through as far as forms, phone conversations, verification with the encrypting service, etc., but we went through it and go through it again every time we're up for recertification. Most people take the easier way out and use a service that "verifies" its security, but it's...
Colonoscopy near you- that made my night! 
REALLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON THE FDA: One thing you need to realize is that the "ingredients" in Disco Dust and Super Pearl dust are quite different, and should be discussed as different products. The Super Pearl Dust that you ordered contains 2 things: Titanium Dioxide and Mica, as well as some food safe filler starches. Both of these main ingredients are listed as SAFE ACCORDING TO THE FDA, the former on page 152 under section 175.105, and the latter on page 200...
The moons must have lined up right for you, or maybe there is just something going that I don't know - that's always a possibility, don't get me wrong .Knowing, though, that water and chocolate don't mix, and beyond that, that adding corn syrup to chocolate stiffens it and makes modeling chocolate, I'm just scratching my head at how that worked out. Anyone that can enlighten me, I always love to learn as well.
Coloring the chocolate OR the candy melts will work the same way- the major difference between the two is real chocolate you'd have to temper, but the candy melts (or Merckens wafers) are a lot easier to use for non-cheffy types. Again, the coloring method I mentioned before would be your most successful venture.
Depending on the brand of powder color, it can have dextrose as a filler and can leave your color looking grainy and dull. A really good option is to use an Americolor additive called Flo coat (I apologize in advance that the links on the words are automatically programmed take you to a competitors website, but it is what it is). You can also use lecithin, which is basically the same thing but a little cheaper. It's basically an emulsifier that binds to your color (and you...
You should be able to find a rectangle that is 10 x 14. Next size up should be 14 x 19.
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