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I use Gum arabic. But honestly, it's still stringwork, and it's not going to be sturdy like a tip 16 border. It will be stronger than tip 0 with no gum arabic, but that's about it. There are a lot of factors that make your string strong. I use egg whites, don't over beat a lot of air into it and proper attachment. I've done tip 0 and tip 00 oriental stringwork from 15 years ago and still have it today. It's traveled in the car for hours and still no issue. But you...
I can only think of three options:color the marshmallows (with your gel or paste colors) oruse cornsyrup or a cooked sugar syrup like they do with popcorn balls orbuy the packaged sheets, as they look close to this.
I also use piping gel to attach mine. Water is tricky, especially for anything thin. You could try alcohol. I think shortening might work too. They are so light it only takes a tiny smudge to attach.cakebaker, I make mine by spreading gelatin on an acetate sheet and when dry, using a hole punch. I use heart shaped, but have used lots of different punches, they are a lot of fun.
That looks like the edible Easter grass they sell at Easter time. I've seen it in all the drug stores (and Target) with the regular Easter grass. I would guess it's actually wafer (rice) paper. I would guess you could get the same effect by coloring fondant and cutting it into thin strips. Then setting on a mold to dry.
Lambeth is definitely a personal taste. I love it and do teach it (and have DVD on it). And if you learn properly, it doesn't cramp your hand. What cramps my hand is piping the grout for my floor tile, but that's another story I also want to learn 3D standing figures....
I would talk to your NC ICES rep, You'll still be a member of ICES, just not in that state. Our CA rep still kept me up to date when I moved to Nebraska (and I got to go to their sharing meeting at convention). Although eventually you'll officially be added to the PA count for members, I don't think there are any rules against keeping in touch with your old state, after all, we are all still one organization..
I've moved my Lambeth cakes too. If it can make it a mile, it can make it several. Like Rae says, if it's real cake, make sure the cake and the board are very sturdy. Those style cakes are really heavy with all the over piping on them.
I'm so sorry, I forgot to say your glass came out great!
I don't put shortening on my plastic at all, you don't have to like you do a balloon. You'll get a much clearer glass and it doesn't stick to the plastic. I also coated the inside with gelatin, not the outside since I wanted a clear stem too.
I use piping gel. You can use some of the gelatin too (while it's liquid).
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