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Thanks everyone, I've taught for years but you're right about keeping track of my own equipment. It's tough!Looks like I'll be making a list of what will work and the "preferred" list so the students can choose, that's a great idea.Thanks again!
Please help me with your opinions.I am teaching a gumpaste class and I am trying to decide what is best.1) Bringing equipment that will work but is pretty much a substitute for the preferred equipment (ex. pvc rolling pin instead of good paste rolling pin, or kneeling pad instead of cel pad) Sharing the cutters and equipment that is necessary (which causes students to wait)2) Having the students buy equipment needed before class (with the students not knowing if they are...
Shirley, I kept waiting for you to mention Betty Newman May, but you took from Edith Gates.I didn't have the luck of taking from any of those great teachers except from Betty. I started with the Wiltonclasses, but took Lambeth from Betty Newman May, then many classes from Nick Lodge, Maureen Stevenson, Eleanor Rielander, Colette Peters, Debbie Brown, Geraldine Randlesome, both Winbecklers, Steve Stellingwerf, Carole Faxon and a bunch of others.The majority of these...
Definitely do what Crimsicle says, coloring the fondant helps and adding pearl to the silver color also. But I dust the mold with the pearl/silver color and then mold the pearls, they come out nice and it saves time.
I use a butter vanilla (like butavan flavoring) and have used creme bouquet. I've also use the Lorann oils to flavor my icing, they have everything you can think of. I also know some people who use the flavored coffe milks for the liquid in their icing.
What a cutie. I love the head and face. I agree about the arms and legs. I think the length is good, just make sausages with a little shape to them instead of the square edges. After making a sausage shape for the arms I use my pinkie finger to help put a little indent for the wrist and elbow and for the foot arch. I saw Debbie Brown do this in a class and it worked well.You really did a great job! If this is your first, you'll be an expert very fast!
Cake Camp and the Cake cruise are sponsored by the Calif. Cake Club. www.cacakeclub.orgThey are every other year, cake camp this year, cake cruise next year, cake camp the year after that, etc. Lots of fun and classes at cake camp.Anyone can go, you don't have to be a 3C's member.
Joanne, which class did you take at cake camp?There was an Aide that was constantly circling the room helping the students in the classes I was in with Colette (5 of them). I agree, she is not a teacher, but will answer questions willingly. The students who were advanced had no problems. She is an inspiration though.
I just had to add my 2 cents worth. I think it is unscrupulous to take someone's work and claim it as your own. Also, you say this is a colleague? I would be highly suspicious of any business dealings with her. It speaks volumes about her character and ethics. She bought them (like buying anything you own it) but not the right to say she created them.I'd like to believe she'll get what she deserves but I'm still waiting on my pay back for the chef that took credit for...
I've done many whipped cream tiered wedding cakes. I've used both Rich whip and pastry pride (same thing, different areas of the country). It does depend on what time of the year she's getting married. I normally can let the whipped cream(actually it's non-diary whipped cream) sit out up to 24 hours.
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