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My phone service is very reliable, so I don't have that issue. Since I don't do a ton of business, a free reader with no monthly fee is perfect for me. A terminal for a store front that does a lot of business might be best in that situation. I don't know how terminals work, but I would guess they need electricity or some phone connection also. You just have to decide what is best for your business and area.
Actually paypal now has a credit card scanner device too, like Square. It's demo'd in the 'Merchant Services' tab. I haven't used it, the Square is perfect for me. I use paypal for online business, Square for in person credit cards.
Thanks Jason. The thread on CC was titled something with 'Square Up'.
I have. Mine is called 'the square'. There is a thread on it if you do a search.
The others are correct, adding gums to fondant is still edible, I also don't notice a flavor difference, but the reason why some say not to eat it is because it can get hard. Don't want someone to break a tooth or something But adding just that small amount to 2 1/2 lbs fondant isn't going to harden it up to bother anyone. Also don't forget about CMC, that's another thickening agent, like tylose, but not I don't think it's natural.
$10/hour?? Is that the going rate for skilled fondant work? I'd have a serious talk with myself about artistic talent if I paid myself that low rate and I could find myself someone else to take my place ;o)
I was a guest on one! And I've also attended a few, I haven't had audio issue except when I was the guest, it was a little hard to hear over the phone. They have a new setup now and the replays are a great help.
Can the teacher help you out? If you used the cutter in a class, they should know where to get it. If the cutters listed above aren't what you want, I would make it like a pulled flower, no cutter needed, old school way. That's the way I learned freesias to begin with (but I'm old). You just make a cone, hollow it out and make cuts for the six petals, then thin on the side of your finger.
The good news is they do get faster with experience. I know how long it takes me to do most flowers, and I have an hourly rate. So if I can make say 5 roses in an hour, and I get $25 an hour (which includes ingredients, supplies, etc), then it's $5 per rose. It's easier to give the customer a per flower charge for me.
I've never seen a 6 petal one, of course, that doesn't mean one doesn't exist. Is it possible to use a 3 petal one and layer the two to get six? That's what I do with freesia and all my lillies.
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