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Catalina is way to far to walk to. You'd need several hours by bus to get to hollywood or any of those sights, so a tour offered by the hotel would be best for those. Walking from the gaslamp you can go to Seaport village, it's beautiful, plus the Star of India and any other boats docked . Wonderful resturants too. You'll be near Petco park and can watch the Padres lose if they are in town (sorry, but they are horrible this year).I have a class at Do It With Icing on...
I refrigerate mine and coat with chocolate.
The flat 4 petaled flowers are dogwood. The larger look like peonies, though the centers are simpler. I think you can use a rose cutter or peony cutter and ruffle to get that effect.
That fuzzy thing looks like a thistle to me,with threads (stiffened) for the top. But it could be something else. It looks like the decorator used artistic licsense with the flowers to get the looks she wanted.
I have that book, it's fabulous!!
If you are near a craft store you can do two things. They have cutters in the clay section that are jewel shaped and you can use those. Or you can easily make your own molds with the amazing mold putty they sell in craft stores. Get a few plastic or glass jewels to make the mold from. Only takes about 20 minutes and they are ready to use. You didn't say if they were chocolate, fondant/paste or hot sugar. Hot sugar might melt your plastic trays. But all of those...
I gave up trying to mind read other peoples' comments.I agree with those saying of course it's sweet, it's dessert. If I'm with a friend (or some people at work) I tell them if they didn't want sweet I would have made a meatloaf covered with mashed potatoes, it can be decorated just like a cake. But I'm sarcastic like that.
Although it can differ between countries, modeling paste is usually considered a 50/50 mix. Half gumpaste and half fondant. Adding tylose to fondant will do the trick, I probably add less than that, but everyone does it differently. I just wanted to say not to expect much of a 'feel' difference when adding the tylose, it usually takes time to notice a difference. Some people will keep adding tylose and then all of a sudden their fondant is like a rock
You know what I found interesting, at Xmas Best Buy was advertising the 'Square' reader for $9.99 I thought...but I can get it free?
Sounds like you really have a good handle on this.One thing that is odd, the business license. For you and anyone else in business, of course it's a must. But I have received 1099 before, and not been required to have a business license (an example is a payout from a bet and stocks, and when I used to teach as a contractor at the craft store) I wonder what the difference is?
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