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I don't agree.  I have cake recipes and will work fine for months and then all of a sudden will pull away.  Do agree it is shinking and pulling away, but it could be the moisture that does it (which is definitely the case for me).  It all depends on the weather and moisture in the cake in my area.  Or as Chrysty says, the shrinking when cooling.
Well, there are two possibilities.  Either the MOB is crazy or, someone moved that cake, that would explain the 'uprooting' and 'bulges' she sees if the venue or someone else damaged the cake and tried to fix it. I believe you said this was what it looked like when you left it.   I would also be calling the venue.
Are you using a ready made fondant mixed with tylose? Most fondant recipies have slightly different ingredients than gumpaste, and definitely different proportions. I find you can roll true gumpaste a lot thinner than fondant mixed with tylose. I personally prefer gumpaste made with gum tragacanth, but the platinum paste it really nice also. I do find because of the delicacy of all flowers, they are all somewhat brittle. But since my fondant has glucose in it, it is...
Marsha Winbeckler also has a book on it. And there is a video/DVD on it.
Hmmm, I would usually say it's a scam, since the city in FL is Miami Gardens, not Garden...the spelling and broken grammar could be a warning sign. And why on earth would you put (USA) after the state? Who does that? And if Tracy is a woman, I don't think same-sex marriage is legal in FL. However, if Tracy is a man, it's odd that the woman isn't handling some of the cake details. I don't want to sound sexist, but usually the woman has quite a bit of say in these...
Yes, floss is strong enough. Marina uses bead string found either on her site or in a craft store. I make these quite a bit and it works great.
I use a jelly roll pan to bake thin layers. However, you can 1/2 whatever recipe you have, or just only pour enough into your pan so it will only make a thin layer.Save the rest of the batter in the fridge to use when the 1st set is done if you don't have 2 pans, or freeze remaining batter.
Also, the latest I've seen is Nicholas Lodge using Orange oil to mix with his dust to paint with. No streaks and coverage is beautiful! Tasted yummy too!
I use all different methods to getting the wire on. But I have made my own ridge board. I use fimo clay and a skewer. Impress the skewer into the clay and bake.
That's not a cake, it's glass. The flowers and side swirl could be done in pulled sugar. I wonder if that top 'cake' could be done in blown sugar.
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