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I'm also with the 'no one touches my cake' crowd. I'm a little shy about some things, but not when it comes to flowers/branches in my cake. I don't care how many times you wash a hydrangea, it's still poisonous, and the majority of florists have no idea which plants are edible and which aren't. And, just because you do it all the the time, doesn't mean you should be doing it. But there's no point if fretting about it now, try to relax and know the guests probably won't...
I've used it, and I do like it. I did notice I could get my flowers much more delicate, but it's so expensive compared to gumpaste...
You can use your gel or paste colors to color it. As long as the AC is going, transportation shouldn't be an issue. I keep my in an airtight container just sitting out, but I'm in San Diego, so the fridge is probably a good idea where you are.I've dusted my flowers with normal petal dust without an issue. I've never painted them, but have use the edible markers on them and they work.
In fact, I think you get better detail with the modeling choc than with the fondant.
I charge by the class, but Jason is right, a LOT of prep is required, and if it's a private class, it's still the same amount of prep and time for just one student. I basically charge the rate I do for a normal class times my minimum student quota. For example, a $35 class for 3 hours with a 5 student minimum would be $175 for a private class, of course, it might not be 3 hours, but it could be more time depending on the student.
I don't think that will work with RBC, not unless you mix it with something else, I would use candy clay (chocolate clay).
Definitely put the photo up and tag him. I had that happen to me also. I'm still steamed 8 years later! Chef took credit for my fondant figures ( 8 figures as main decorations) in a competition (teamwork allowed), after winning first place, he then bragged about his creation and sent a picture of it as xmas cards. My name was supposed to be on a card in front for the judges and all, which he conveniently left off. Needless to say, when he came asked for help again, I...
The bevel can range from 1 1/2" to 2", are you wanting to do it out of cake? For a 16" bevel with a 12" cake on top, I take a 16" x 2" cake, place a 12" cake board centered on top and a 16" cake board on bottom, then cut with my knife laying against both boards. It gives me the correct angle and slant every time.
For me it depends on what icing I am working with. I crumb coat with buttercream, no crumb coat with nondairy whipped frosting. It also depends on if I'm doing a chocolate cake, those have so many crumbs... Really, unless you are having problems with your current process, there is no need to change it.
I did mine out of gelatin. Used a 3-d chocolate shoe mold by painting the mold with gelatin and put the two halves together with piping gel, hiding the seam with a little rainbow glitter. Heat doesn't bother it.
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